I haven't written in a while...

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
did you miss me? You want to know the reason that I haven't written in a while? Really? No you don't! Well, alright, alright...I'll tell you. It's b/c I have been baaaad and when I am bad I feel guilty and don't write. For you other weight loss bloggers out there - don't follow in my footsteps. The longer you go without writing the worse you are on your diet.

Actually, I am good during the week - it's the weekends that really get me and this past three day weekend REALLY got me. I even had cake this weekend and cookies AND creme brulee I didn't have a picture of that, so I used the ice cream. Yeah...that was just Saturday and Sunday. I told you that I was bad. Yesterday I was 100% good...and today I have been 100% good. If I can manage to be 100% during the week, then maybe ONE day on the weekend with ONE bad food item won't be so bad. Not three, though! I can tell that I was bad this weekend, though b/c today my stomach is telling me about it. Yesterday I had a sick migraine so didn't really eat much anyway...today though my stomach is reminding me that I can't go on binges like that and not expect some repercussions from it.

Another thing is my water intake. It hasn't been that great either. So, that's another thing that I am working on. My problem is that sometimes instead of just taking it one day at a time, one meal at a time, I try to look too far into the future and it gets overwheliming sometimes. Don't do that!!! Just focus on what's in front of you at that moment. I promise it's a lot easier that way. Today I had chic-fil-a for lunch - 18 carbs worth. I went to their website and printed out their nutritional information before we headed over there! Fast food restaurants are hard b/c everyone thinks all you can have are sandwiches and throw away the buns, but that isn't true. Go to their websites - there are a lot more choices than that!!

Well, I have a meeting to go to, but I wanted to leave you with a promise. I promise not to go 2 weeks without posting again if you'll continue to visit me and leave me feedback!!! Okay...gotta go!