I haven't weighed in a long time...

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
but I am happy about the way that my skirt is fitting me today! It's a skirt that I loved until it got too tight - then it went to the back of the rotation! I would have to wear those biker short looking things to keep everything tight enough so that it wouldn't pull - even though it still pulled.

Well, today all I am wearing underneath are my tights and I must say I look pretty hot in my old fave!!! WooHoo! Nice to see you again old friend! And last night I wore a pair of hippie jeans and I couldn't get out from in front of the mirror - now that's big for me b/c normally that's the last place that I want to look! At work yesterday I got a great compliment about how I looked and it really pumped me up (self-esteem-wise), so when I got home and put on those jeans to go to the softball park I thought, "Hell yeah - I can't wait to prance around in my hippie jeans!!"

The weeks are great for me...the weekends are killer! I have to weigh in the morning. It's been too long. AND I have to start posting on a more regular basis. If not every day then every couple of days or something!! Stay on my butt (or what's left of it)!!