I haven't been good...

Thursday, April 29, 2004
for about the last two weeks. I was eating alright last week...then from Friday through the weekend I ate horribly and Monday, too. I haven't really felt great since then...partially b/c of my bad diet I am sure and partially b/c of female issues. Bleh...

Needless to say, I haven't weighed since I lost those last two pounds. We went grocery shopping yesterday - that was a BIG problem. We didn't have the kitchen stocked and were eating out a lot more than we normally do and that's never good b/c I always seem to fudge a bit more if I am out rather than cooking at home.

My mother gave me a "Get back on the wagon" speech today so I hope that (along with the healthy stocked fridge) will get me motivated again. I bought my wedding dress last week so I have to think about that for motivation, too!! Another thing I haven't been doing enough is drinking the right amount of water. I have a water bottle that I have been drinking on to and from work and refilling - that will help and at night trying to drink water instead of tea (no sugar) w/ dinner.

Michael and I discussed working out/doing something in the evenings. Even if it's just walking around the complex - and he is good about telling me when I am eating badly. Today in my mail I got a flyer about the new fitness center being opened at my complex and the door code for it. Maybe we'll go check it out. We have been before, but nothing worked and it felt like a waste of time. I got more out of the walk across the complex to get there!!! I just need to get over the tired hump and get my butt working out - some kind of physical activity, any kind is better than nothing.

We're cooking stuffed bell peppers tonight (mine will be sans the rice) and yellow squash - Yummy! I bought stuff to make tuna fish salad, too. I'll have to make that tonight to bring to work tomorrow!