I have a dress!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004
I took a 1/2 day yesterday and had an appointment at a very nice bridal shop and after about three hours decided on my dress!!! Nope - you can't see it! I will post it after the wedding, but not before! Can't risk Michael getting a glimpse of it!!!!! ;)

I will say that it is sparkly!! I didn't think that I wanted one like that, but after trying on embroidered (I love embroidery) ones w/out sparkle and then ones w/ it I decided that was something that I did in fact like a lot!!

It's going to take a while to get in, but we had it rushed. Since my wedding it only six months away it was either rush to get it here and get it altered, or wait till it arrived and then rush the alterations. I decided I would rather have it here in Houston earlier so that we could take our time getting it altered. It's still going to be in the month before the wedding, though!

They only thing I left the bridal shop with yesterday was a petticoat. I have to find my shoes now, b/c when I go back to get it altered I have to have the shoes and petticoat that I am wearing in the wedding so they'll know how much it needs to be hemmed. The seamstress did my measurements there so I got to meet her already - and I like her. My mother has done all the sewing that I have ever needed in my life, so it was strange talking to this other lady about it and having her measure me instead of mother!!

I am glad it's done, though. Another thing to mark off the list. Next top priority is to order the invitations - I need to order them so to be sure they are here in time. We thought about doing that last night, but it was late and we were tired so we decided to do it another time. Maybe the same weekend we go pick out flowers (we have to schedule that, too...soon)!