How 'bout them Stros!?!?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
The game last night was awesome!!! We had a great time with Kim and Matt, too. The drive home wasn't so wonderful b/c it took forever - it took 20 minutes just to get out of the parking garage, not to mention the traffic on the freeway home wasn't much better, but it didn't ruin our evening. We still had a lot of fun!

Since I have tomorrow off I am going to meet my mother in the morning. I still haven't found a dress and it's started to concern me!!! I know I have plenty of time, but it is starting to stress me out just a little. I have been looking three times - and actually one of those times was just to get the bridesmaid dresses and I tried on some for them that I had liked. Everyone keeps saying, "When you find it you'll just know..." - that hasn't happened yet! Patience need to learn PATIENCE!!

Tiny Dancer just went off - I love that song! (sorry...random thought)

We're going in a couple of weeks to look at flowers...I am anxious to get them picked out!! I had originally thought of roses, but have since changed my mind so we'll have to wait and see what we find. I have two other flowers in mind, though!!

Other things we have to decide on/finalize:
--> Flower girls' dresses
--> Church Decorations
--> Reception Favors
--> Music

Things we have decided on, but may still have to purchase:
--> Bridesmaid dresses
--> Unity Candle
--> Guest Book
--> Wedding Cake

Michael and I have picked out the menu; we have a photographer; we have a tentative DJ (I have called another one, but haven't received a call back); the reception place takes care of all the decorations there (Yay!); the Engagement Party is under-way; Michael's cake is ordered (it's going to be amazing!); we're talking about the honeymoon, but haven't made a decision yet; I have bought Michael's wedding ring; we'll get mine later; and there are other things, too - I just can't think of anything else right now!

You know, with the exception of my dress, this wedding is coming together rather easily!! Michael and I made a bet that I wouldn't have everything done by September - I told him I would and I think it's going to be done by then, if we keep moving at this pace!!!! So...I have to find a dress soon so it'll be here before September 1st!!! Now...I have to decide what I want after I win this bet, Hee Hee!!! I have a lot of help, too. Both of our mothers are doing a lot. That helps out so much! (Thanks y'all!)

I'm anxious for October 2nd to get here...especially after talking about it this morning! I've really never been happier than since I met Michael and I am ready for us to have the chance to build our own life together like our parents have.