Another Two Pounds Gone!

Thursday, April 15, 2004
Yep - I went down and weighed before going out for lunch (Pei Wei) and I am down two more pounds! I am so excited...but full, too! I went to Darque Tan first (yeah, I fake baked...just to keep my legs from blinding everyone) and then went over to Pei Wei for lunch - had lettuce wraps again. I am trying to find the nutritional info for them. I had it once before b/c I found out that a whole order of their lettuce wraps is only 3 points with Weight Watchers. I wanted to see about the carb count of their other menu items. If you find this info, please share it with me! I can usually finish and entire order of the wraps and be, though I barely finished (left a leaf or two of lettuce and a few spoonfuls of the mix) and I feel like I am about to explode. I really didn't want to box it up and bring it with me so I forced down a couple extra bites so I wouldn't feel guilty leaving too much behind. I know that is so WRONG when you're dieting, but I did it! The wraps are terribly low in calories and I not too many carbs. It's just chicken and seasonig with lettuce - well, there are some water chestnuts and green onions. There are 1.2 carbs in a quarter cup of green onions and 7 in a half cup of water chestnuts.

So, now I could take a nap b/c I am so full. We're having dinner at my mother's tonight. I think she is cooking pork chops. I need to call ahead and find out what she's thinking about for sides! Losing two more pounds is a big motivator to making sure I don't fall off any time soon!!!