Friday, April 30, 2004

I'm pregnant!!!

No, not "ME" me, "Breedster" me. Calm down!!! (Gotcha tho, didn't I!?!?)

So, I have an egg to invite someone to breedster - if you're interested in joining the bug world lemme know and I'll invite you! I just need your email address!!!

It's only four o'clock???

I just looked at my clock! It feels like five o'clock has already come and gone! This has been the longest day afternoon. At lunch time I was alright - the headache from yesterday was just a dull ache. A coworker and I went to a scrapbook store that was going out of business to see if we could find any good deals. While there we think we decided why it was closing. It sits right next to a nail place and the smell is overwhelming!! It wasn't long until my dull ache was massive and nausea came to join the party! since then I have been fighting that, which just makes the day drag on...and on...and on...

I bought some french fries (terrible for my diet, but great for the nausea) and ate them with my lunch. That helped, accompanied by a sprite...but after a while it just started to feel like I was losing the battle, so I finally told my coworker to knock on my door in 30 while I laid my head down for a bit. After about half an hour I started to feel like a human again and went downstairs and got a massage. That really helped to take the edge off, too. I can't wait until next Thursday!!

Michael and I were talking about going to a movie tonight, but I don't know if I'll be able to sit through one. I took some medicine earlier too that seems to be helping as well. I'll just have to wait and see how I feel by showtime...guess I need to check showtimes and what's playing, huh???

I've been doing it wrong...

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I haven't been good...

for about the last two weeks. I was eating alright last week...then from Friday through the weekend I ate horribly and Monday, too. I haven't really felt great since then...partially b/c of my bad diet I am sure and partially b/c of female issues. Bleh...

Needless to say, I haven't weighed since I lost those last two pounds. We went grocery shopping yesterday - that was a BIG problem. We didn't have the kitchen stocked and were eating out a lot more than we normally do and that's never good b/c I always seem to fudge a bit more if I am out rather than cooking at home.

My mother gave me a "Get back on the wagon" speech today so I hope that (along with the healthy stocked fridge) will get me motivated again. I bought my wedding dress last week so I have to think about that for motivation, too!! Another thing I haven't been doing enough is drinking the right amount of water. I have a water bottle that I have been drinking on to and from work and refilling - that will help and at night trying to drink water instead of tea (no sugar) w/ dinner.

Michael and I discussed working out/doing something in the evenings. Even if it's just walking around the complex - and he is good about telling me when I am eating badly. Today in my mail I got a flyer about the new fitness center being opened at my complex and the door code for it. Maybe we'll go check it out. We have been before, but nothing worked and it felt like a waste of time. I got more out of the walk across the complex to get there!!! I just need to get over the tired hump and get my butt working out - some kind of physical activity, any kind is better than nothing.

We're cooking stuffed bell peppers tonight (mine will be sans the rice) and yellow squash - Yummy! I bought stuff to make tuna fish salad, too. I'll have to make that tonight to bring to work tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Happy Hump Day!

Today came quick since I was out on Monday, but Friday won't be here quick enough still! Already it's been an extremely busy week. Yesterday I was in meetings most of the morning; today I was in a meeting all morning only to come back to my office to 20+ emails & voicemails. My goal for today is to be able to see the top of my desk - or my goal for the week I should say! Luckily the meetings for the week are over, but it's end of the month and I have to be able to meet close by next Tuesday, so I can't really afford any more meetings really!

I am trying to get my lunch in now, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still around - just really busy!!!

We got rained out this weekend.

Michael did end up going to the campsite with his cousin and set up and had everything ready for us, but only to tear it all down again and tell us not to bother driving out. The weather was too bad. It was the wind more than anything really. Made it to bad to take the boat out. I knew the weather was going to be bad, but didn't know how bad down that way. The rest of the weekend was wet, wet, wet. Since we had bought all that food to grille we just decided to camp out at my house. Michael's brother and his girlfriend were with us all weekend and we grilled the hamburgers and hotdogs and even red-fish!

Since the guys were being our chefs, Kristeena and I played beauty shop! She is taking cosmetology classes so I let her practice on my hair and face. First she spent over an hour straightening my hair - with my clothing iron first, then my flat iron. I have never got my hair that straight before! It was amazing! Next she spent about an hour giving me a facial! That was the best part! I was so relaxed - I didn't want it to be over!

Now more than ever I am ready to make an appointment at The Health Spa!! I have been putting it off forever! Last Friday I had a 15 minute chair massage (like I often do on Fridays) here at the office, but it wasn't the regular therapist. She broke her toe or something so they sent someone else to take her clients. It was alright, but not what/who I was used to so I didn't enjoy it as much. After my next appointment I should be eligible for a free 15 minutes! I'll just sign up for two together and get a 30 minute session! it Friday yet!?!?!

Friday will be here sooner for me this week b/c I was out sick yesterday. I had a bad migraine. I don't stay home with them very often, as a matter of fact, I think that's the first time that I have called in with one for the whole day. I have called in and said, "When I feel better..." or "I'll be late..." and I have left work early, but never taken a whole day. Wow! I should get a perfect attendance award or something!!

After the 6th, though, hopefully I won't be able to use that excuse anymore! That's when my appointment is. Actually, it might be a while after that first appointment, but hopefully not too long. I have been to so many doctors over the years for them, but never to a specialist, so I am being very optimistic about it. I am curious about what kind of tests they'll do that other doctors haven't. I have had CT scans before that didn't show anything unusual and I have tried numerous migraine medicines - prescriptions and OTC. I am using one now that seems to work better than many of the others, but still not 100% of the time. Also, I am always afraid of taking them too much and then down the road they don't work for me anymore, so if I can just lay down for a while I do that instead of taking anything!

Positive thought for the day...

When you feel that nobody loves you,

Nobody cares for you,

And everyone is ignoring you,

You should really ask yourself...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I have a dress!!

I took a 1/2 day yesterday and had an appointment at a very nice bridal shop and after about three hours decided on my dress!!! Nope - you can't see it! I will post it after the wedding, but not before! Can't risk Michael getting a glimpse of it!!!!! ;)

I will say that it is sparkly!! I didn't think that I wanted one like that, but after trying on embroidered (I love embroidery) ones w/out sparkle and then ones w/ it I decided that was something that I did in fact like a lot!!

It's going to take a while to get in, but we had it rushed. Since my wedding it only six months away it was either rush to get it here and get it altered, or wait till it arrived and then rush the alterations. I decided I would rather have it here in Houston earlier so that we could take our time getting it altered. It's still going to be in the month before the wedding, though!

They only thing I left the bridal shop with yesterday was a petticoat. I have to find my shoes now, b/c when I go back to get it altered I have to have the shoes and petticoat that I am wearing in the wedding so they'll know how much it needs to be hemmed. The seamstress did my measurements there so I got to meet her already - and I like her. My mother has done all the sewing that I have ever needed in my life, so it was strange talking to this other lady about it and having her measure me instead of mother!!

I am glad it's done, though. Another thing to mark off the list. Next top priority is to order the invitations - I need to order them so to be sure they are here in time. We thought about doing that last night, but it was late and we were tired so we decided to do it another time. Maybe the same weekend we go pick out flowers (we have to schedule that, too...soon)!

We finally made a decision

and it was a good one! Michael and I met up with Elaine and Kenny for dinner. I thought it was just going to be me and Elaine, but it was a nice surprise that both the guys were able to join us! Kenny had to leave us, but Elaine, Michael, and I headed over to rent a movie. It seemed as we passed all the movies that Elaine had seen all the ones that I hadn't and vice versa!!! We finally ended up renting Finding Nemo. It was one that she had seen and I hadn't, but she assured me that she would gladly watch it again!! I'm glad, b/c I loved it! Michael didn't watch it - he was busy packing for the trip this weekend - but I made a point to tell him that we would watch it again together. This is going to have to go on my "to buy" list!

Should we get today off?!?!?!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We're going camping again this weekend,

but tonight I am cooking dinner for Elaine while Michael and his brother shop for the provisionals for our excursion!! I am thinking of Mexican food tonight, taco salads to be exact! We went out to eat last night and I was about to order one, but changed at the last minute and really didn't like what I ended up tonight I am going to fix my own to make up for it and since I am watching carbs, instead of a taco shell for my bowl, I just pile on the lettuce instead!!! Yum!

I want to get a good movie for tonight, too. I haven't seen a really good one in a long time...any suggestions!?!?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I finally did it...

I made an appointment at the Houston Headache Clinic! The first appointment can take up to four hours so I will be taking a half day sick day for this. I have been keping a headache journal - but it only goes back a couple of weeks, since my last really bad one. Last night I had what I call my "golfball" headaches. Basically, they come on really quick and they are in the same area in my head that is about the size of a golfball. I can almost trace exactly where they hurt. These come on really quick without warning and I usually don't get sick with them. I can function, but it's limited and all I can think about is just laying my head on my pillow and turning out the lights.

I don't really know the whole process at the clinic, but I guess I'll soon be finding out. I can't believe that I have lived here over five years and have never before made an attempt to visit them. I have been to other doctors, though, which haven't really helped. Hopefully this time will be different!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Yeah...I'm here!!!

It's been a busy morning...but I'll catch up soon!!! When I get a few free minutes!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

This calls for the happy dance!!!!

It's Friday & I am taking a half day today! WooHoo!!!

Random Observations

Before I met Michael, when I lived in an apartment up here by work, I was far away from family and friends and most of my evenings were spent alone. I had several friends, (Elaine and Mike, actually) that kept telling me to be daring and go out to eat at a restaurant by myself. Now, not like a fast food place, but a genuine sit-down restaurant. They told me things like to take a book or something to write on...well, I did it and started to do it regularly. I searched my archives trying to find where I wrote about it, but alas, couldn't find it and gave up!

Well, since I met Michael my evenings are pretty busy all the time and I haven't really had to dine at a restaurant alone since! I did - for lunch! And it's amazing how much more you notice when you do it at lunch time as opposed to dinner time. I remember when I would eat alone at dinner time, it was usually quiet and though I noticed people I usually didn't really notice them b/c I had either a book or a journal with me.

Today, though, I was out and about for lunch and was going to pick up something to bring back to the office to eat, but decided to just eat out! I didn't want to bring food back up here to have to pull out at my desk and eat with people walking back and forth. I do that all the was good to be different today!

The lunch crowd is way different than the dinner crowd when you're eating alone! When you're with other people you fit're talking and rushing to get through your meal to get back to work like most everyone else! I wasn't like that today. I sat quietly and waited for my food and watched everyone else around me. I saw two different couples bow their heads to pray before their meal; another young woman was on the phone and had papers spread out everywhere; a gentlemen was enjoying the paper; and the three immediately next to me discussed their work environment and the correct way to eat lettuce wraps! You can always tell who is on their lunch break and will have to return to work after they finish eating. They have a sense of urgency about them! Those that don't seem to enjoy their lunch a lot more leisurely and calmly!

To be honest, it was a refreshing meal! I'm not really talking about the food, either! It was refreshing to eat, enjoy my meal w/out having to make conversation, and people watch! I have always loved to people watch! It's the most fun with my sister b/c we'll talk about every person that comes by - either critiquing them in some way or voicing our ideas about what they do or where they are going! It's funny most of the time! And lunch today was fun as well! I think I'll venture out to restaurants alone like that more often during the day! See what else I can see!

Another Two Pounds Gone!

Yep - I went down and weighed before going out for lunch (Pei Wei) and I am down two more pounds! I am so excited...but full, too! I went to Darque Tan first (yeah, I fake baked...just to keep my legs from blinding everyone) and then went over to Pei Wei for lunch - had lettuce wraps again. I am trying to find the nutritional info for them. I had it once before b/c I found out that a whole order of their lettuce wraps is only 3 points with Weight Watchers. I wanted to see about the carb count of their other menu items. If you find this info, please share it with me! I can usually finish and entire order of the wraps and be, though I barely finished (left a leaf or two of lettuce and a few spoonfuls of the mix) and I feel like I am about to explode. I really didn't want to box it up and bring it with me so I forced down a couple extra bites so I wouldn't feel guilty leaving too much behind. I know that is so WRONG when you're dieting, but I did it! The wraps are terribly low in calories and I not too many carbs. It's just chicken and seasonig with lettuce - well, there are some water chestnuts and green onions. There are 1.2 carbs in a quarter cup of green onions and 7 in a half cup of water chestnuts.

So, now I could take a nap b/c I am so full. We're having dinner at my mother's tonight. I think she is cooking pork chops. I need to call ahead and find out what she's thinking about for sides! Losing two more pounds is a big motivator to making sure I don't fall off any time soon!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It's Tax Day!

So...if you haven't filed yet, you had better get busy!

I haven't weighed in a long time...

but I am happy about the way that my skirt is fitting me today! It's a skirt that I loved until it got too tight - then it went to the back of the rotation! I would have to wear those biker short looking things to keep everything tight enough so that it wouldn't pull - even though it still pulled.

Well, today all I am wearing underneath are my tights and I must say I look pretty hot in my old fave!!! WooHoo! Nice to see you again old friend! And last night I wore a pair of hippie jeans and I couldn't get out from in front of the mirror - now that's big for me b/c normally that's the last place that I want to look! At work yesterday I got a great compliment about how I looked and it really pumped me up (self-esteem-wise), so when I got home and put on those jeans to go to the softball park I thought, "Hell yeah - I can't wait to prance around in my hippie jeans!!"

The weeks are great for me...the weekends are killer! I have to weigh in the morning. It's been too long. AND I have to start posting on a more regular basis. If not every day then every couple of days or something!! Stay on my butt (or what's left of it)!!

I added new smilies!

There are a bunch in there now! I don't have nearly as many as EggWife or have them as organized, but my little smiley family is growing!!

Here are a few of my new ones:

just two more:

There are many more new ones, but you'll have to leave me a comment to check them out!!

Oh my gosh...

I thought we lost Chinook!!! Mother left the house this morning (Chinook lives with my parents right now) at 7:30 to go to my sister's and didn't get home until noon. Since she was going to be gone so long, she left Chinook outside in the backyard to play with their dachshund. When she came home he was nowhere to be found. She searched for him about two hours before she finally called me crying...I was fine on the phone, but once I hung up I lost it, too. I made a flyer w/ his picture on it and emailed it to her to put out.

THEN, my daddy called. Their home number is on Chinook's collar. A lady had picked him up early this morning. She came by the house (the address is on there, too), but no one was home and she didn't know if she should leave him so she took him home and called. Their answering machine also has daddy's cell number on it and so she then called daddy's cell and left him a voice mail. After daddy heard it - this afternoon - he called mother and told her the lady's number.

Mother just got home w/ Chinook and he is safe and sound. I thought he was gone! He hasn't lived with me for about a year, but he is still my dog. He is going to be seven on October 1st (the day before my wedding) - and he has lived with me for over five of those years in college and then when I moved to Houston. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been found!!!

Be sure your dog has a collar on at all times with your phone number(s) on it! I am going to make Chinook a new one that has about four numbers on it!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I'm ready to go home now.

And I will be in nine minutes. It has been a very long afternoon. It started with a meeting at 1:30 that ran over and was followed by multiple phone calls later on. Needless to say, I have been the fireman firewoman this afternoon - putting out one fire after another! And I thought it was going to be boring around here this afternoon! Pftp!

Tonight will be easier-going. Michael has two softball games tonight and I plan on sitting outside and enjoying this brisk weather...bundled up in what he calls my "Grandma clothes" - I have to cover up when I am cold!

At least it's pretty out there. I went out for lunch and it was just beautiful!

So I'm off...I have six minutes and it's going to take me longer than that to close things up around here and get going!

I haven't written in a while...

did you miss me? You want to know the reason that I haven't written in a while? Really? No you don't! Well, alright, alright...I'll tell you. It's b/c I have been baaaad and when I am bad I feel guilty and don't write. For you other weight loss bloggers out there - don't follow in my footsteps. The longer you go without writing the worse you are on your diet.

Actually, I am good during the week - it's the weekends that really get me and this past three day weekend REALLY got me. I even had cake this weekend and cookies AND creme brulee I didn't have a picture of that, so I used the ice cream. Yeah...that was just Saturday and Sunday. I told you that I was bad. Yesterday I was 100% good...and today I have been 100% good. If I can manage to be 100% during the week, then maybe ONE day on the weekend with ONE bad food item won't be so bad. Not three, though! I can tell that I was bad this weekend, though b/c today my stomach is telling me about it. Yesterday I had a sick migraine so didn't really eat much though my stomach is reminding me that I can't go on binges like that and not expect some repercussions from it.

Another thing is my water intake. It hasn't been that great either. So, that's another thing that I am working on. My problem is that sometimes instead of just taking it one day at a time, one meal at a time, I try to look too far into the future and it gets overwheliming sometimes. Don't do that!!! Just focus on what's in front of you at that moment. I promise it's a lot easier that way. Today I had chic-fil-a for lunch - 18 carbs worth. I went to their website and printed out their nutritional information before we headed over there! Fast food restaurants are hard b/c everyone thinks all you can have are sandwiches and throw away the buns, but that isn't true. Go to their websites - there are a lot more choices than that!!

Well, I have a meeting to go to, but I wanted to leave you with a promise. I promise not to go 2 weeks without posting again if you'll continue to visit me and leave me feedback!!! Okay...gotta go!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Did we miss a season...

or are we going backwards?? It's supposed to be Spring now, right? Warmer weather and pretty flowers. I broke out my leather jacket this morning and had the heater going!! At least it isn't raining today, though. We had a wet Easter! It was very nice, though.

I have been fighting a bad migraine for about a week now. We met up with some friends last night for a little while - but had to make it an early night b/c I got sick again from a migraine. I have been in contact with the Headache Clinic and am going to make an appointment to see them soon. I have been talking about going to see them since I moved to Houston back in 1999 - I figure it's about time to really go through with it.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Two things I must share this afternoon!!!

First one: A friend at work sent me this and Elaine thought it was a "must-post" when I sent it to her. So, now I am sharing it with all of you!

Second one: What the HECK are people thinking these days?? Body art is one thing...I actually like tattoos and even sport a couple of them myself, piercings other than the belly-button and ears, I am really not down with, but to each his own, right!?!? But this just seems so far out there! Am I getting old??? Or are people really getting more and more weird! If you have one, I am not trying to offend, just trying to understand!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

How 'bout them Stros!?!?

The game last night was awesome!!! We had a great time with Kim and Matt, too. The drive home wasn't so wonderful b/c it took forever - it took 20 minutes just to get out of the parking garage, not to mention the traffic on the freeway home wasn't much better, but it didn't ruin our evening. We still had a lot of fun!

Since I have tomorrow off I am going to meet my mother in the morning. I still haven't found a dress and it's started to concern me!!! I know I have plenty of time, but it is starting to stress me out just a little. I have been looking three times - and actually one of those times was just to get the bridesmaid dresses and I tried on some for them that I had liked. Everyone keeps saying, "When you find it you'll just know..." - that hasn't happened yet! Patience need to learn PATIENCE!!

Tiny Dancer just went off - I love that song! (sorry...random thought)

We're going in a couple of weeks to look at flowers...I am anxious to get them picked out!! I had originally thought of roses, but have since changed my mind so we'll have to wait and see what we find. I have two other flowers in mind, though!!

Other things we have to decide on/finalize:
--> Flower girls' dresses
--> Church Decorations
--> Reception Favors
--> Music

Things we have decided on, but may still have to purchase:
--> Bridesmaid dresses
--> Unity Candle
--> Guest Book
--> Wedding Cake

Michael and I have picked out the menu; we have a photographer; we have a tentative DJ (I have called another one, but haven't received a call back); the reception place takes care of all the decorations there (Yay!); the Engagement Party is under-way; Michael's cake is ordered (it's going to be amazing!); we're talking about the honeymoon, but haven't made a decision yet; I have bought Michael's wedding ring; we'll get mine later; and there are other things, too - I just can't think of anything else right now!

You know, with the exception of my dress, this wedding is coming together rather easily!! Michael and I made a bet that I wouldn't have everything done by September - I told him I would and I think it's going to be done by then, if we keep moving at this pace!!!! So...I have to find a dress soon so it'll be here before September 1st!!! Now...I have to decide what I want after I win this bet, Hee Hee!!! I have a lot of help, too. Both of our mothers are doing a lot. That helps out so much! (Thanks y'all!)

I'm anxious for October 2nd to get here...especially after talking about it this morning! I've really never been happier than since I met Michael and I am ready for us to have the chance to build our own life together like our parents have.

It's time for baseball again!

Tonight we're going to see Clemens in his debut with the Astros!! The weather outside is wonderful now, so hopefully they'll have the roof open at Minute Maid for the game! One of my friends at work won two pair of tickets for tonight's game at a fishing tournament and asked me and Michael to go with her and her fiance. (Thanks gal!!!) Even though I really like basketball better than baseball, I prefer to go to baseball games for some reason (I think I like basketball better b/c I played for so many years)!! I love to go to the ball park. We went a lot last year. They had $1 nights all the time, though I doubt they'll be available again this year. Not with our new pitching team anyway!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Be sure you lock your doors and windows at home! A Houston man was found dead in his home over the weekend. Detectives at the scene found the man face down in his bathtub. The tub had been filled with milk, sugar, and cornflakes. A banana was sticking out of his rump.

Police suspect...ARE YOU READY FOR IT...

I'm not pinging!!

Why aren't I pinging!?!?!

Monday, April 05, 2004 last couple entries have been downers,

so now I have a better one! I bought myself a prize this weekend!!!! Since the stool that I was using at my computer desk broke I haven't taken the time to buy a new chair, but have been wanting this one for a while and I finally got it! Michael made fun of me for getting it, but now he loves it!!! Ha Ha!

Three up...three down!

If you read last night, sorry there wasn't any here's the official warning. Average Joe Spoiler Ahead:

Don't tell me that I am not doing MY job!!!

Warning: Office Rant Ahead!!!!

Kinda having a down day.

Nothing really in particular, just not my cheery self. Haven't really been feeling 100% for a couple days now. Nothing that I can really put my finger on or anything, I just feel like something is (to quote Elaine) taking the wind out of my sails!

Maybe it's b/c I have been having so many migraines lately, maybe it's the changing weather (but it's been nice lately), maybe it's b/c today is Monday!! Who the heck knows!?!?

Tonight we're going to just relax at the house. Cook dinner and watch the season finale of our show! The laundry is pretty well caught up so we don't have to fool with that tonight, but the house needs to be cleaned up a bit before settling down in front of the television.

I like nights like this...when there is nothing on the calendar really and nothing that needs to be done either.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

My weekend started off good

and ended good as well! It started Friday at lunch when Michael came up to take me out! The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with friends, fighting a bad migraine, and spending time with family!!! It was a really nice weekend, even though we lost an hour of it!

Saturday was spent in Humble running around with my mother and helping my cousin with computer issues until about 7:00; then on my way to Michael's that evening I stopped and picked up his ring. It was so exciting to finally get it in! Then we had the rest of the night to ourselves and it was such a wonderful evening! I wanted to run to the mall before it closed b/c I was looking for something (which I couldn't find) and he was so sweet and patient the whole time I was running around! Then Sunday we had a great BBQ with his family! It was great weather for it and nice to relax. And it didn't stop there...after we got home we headed down to the jacuzzi for a while. It was awesome - I didn't want to get out!

Now it's back to work. This is a short week, too. We're off for Good Friday this week! Well, since it's a short week I better get going!

Friday, April 02, 2004

It's Friday...

and I am ready for it, too! Michael is out of town until tomorrow I am all by myself. Well, actually I won't be alone at all. I am going out with friends tonight and then I am going to my parents' house. My dad is leaving for work either tomorrow or the next day so I want to see him. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I used to, so I take advantage when I can spend a bit of extra time with them. Then Saturday afternoon my cousin is coming into town, so I am going to spend some time with him and his wife (they're buying a computer, so we'll be shopping). Other than that, I am just going to be hanging out. Maybe I'll work on my scrapbooking a bit, too. I don't know what we'll do Saturday night - depends on how tired Michael is. He's out of town fishing - one of his favorite things!

Well, he's my favorite so I'll bid you a happy weekend with my little dancing man!!

It's Friday...

and I am ready for it, too! Michael is out of town until tomorrow I am all by myself. Well, actually I won't be alone at all. I am going out with friends tonight and then I am going to my parents' house. My dad is leaving for work either tomorrow or the next day so I want to see him. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I used to, so I take advantage when I can spend a bit of extra time with them. Then Saturday afternoon my cousin is coming into town, so I am going to spend some time with him and his wife (they're buying a computer, so we'll be shopping). Other than that, I am just going to be hanging out. Maybe I'll work on my scrapbooking a bit, too. I don't know what we'll do Saturday night - depends on how tired Michael is. He's out of town fishing - one of his favorite things!

Well, he's my favorite so I'll bid you a happy weekend with my little dancing man!!