Yay! I'm back online...

Friday, March 26, 2004
my site was down this morning. Guess it just had to rest this morning!!

We just got back from lunch. The boss took us out to tell us what a good job we have been doing! Kudos to us!!!! Now I feel like I could take a nap. At 3:20 I'm going downstairs to get a massage - I haven't been down for one in several weeks so it'll be nice. I am very much looking forward to it.

There is a place up here that I have been wanting to make an appointment at forever. I used to get full-body massages all the time. Especially in college. There was a massage therapy school in town and the students gave cheap massages in order to accumulate all the hours they needed for their license - so we went all the time! It was only $20 an hour if you went to a student!

Tonight we're going to a crawfish boil. Michael's company didn't have a Christmas party this year, so instead they are throwing a crawfish boil for the employees - so I'll be heading out a bit early b/c it starts at 5:00. Michael was excited b/c they are letting them leave early today, too. Jump start on the weekend!!!

Then in the morning I'm meeting up with a couple of my bridesmaids as well as my sisters and my mother to go look at dresses for them. I haven't decided if I am going to try on some of the wedding gowns that I have found for them tomorrow or not. I haven't really looked that much, so I thought I might wait until I narrowed it down a bit more before getting outside opinions!!!

It's supposed to be a nice weekend - since the past couple of days have been rather dreary. I hope it does clear up a bit. This overcast weather is terrible for giving me migraines. I had such a bad one last night. It has come to the point where I think I need to go see a doctor again. I have been having so many lately and nothing except sleep seems to help - when I can fall asleep that is.

Well, I have a short afternoon...so now that I have rambled on about this and that I guess it's time to get back to work!!