When I get in the car in the morning

Thursday, March 11, 2004
I crank up the heat, just about the time I get warm and toasty the A/C is needed. I walk out of the house with my jacket on and half way to my office I have to shed it b/c I am melting!!! Well, that's Houston weather! At least it isn't wet right now...well, it isn't supposed to be until Sunday - when we'll be camping! Ugh, I hope it doesn't rain all four days that we're camping. It'll be miserable. Michael says that he is fishing no matter what the weather does. That's fine...you go fish. I'll be cozy and dry in the tent with my crosswords, crochet, and whatever else Kristeena and I bring to keep ourselves occupied!!

Tonight we're going to the rodeo again so I have to run home and finish packing beforehand b/c we're all leaving at 4 in the morning to head to the lake. The boys are going straight to the water before we even set up camp, so I think us gals are going to empty the back of my jeep and catch a few more Z's while they're doing that!!! I know we (girls) aren't going to want to fish for four days. Don't get me wrong. I do like to fish, but these two brothers could fish all day and night without stopping!

I'm just looking forward to relaxing for four days! No work, no wedding planning, no traffic!!!! It's going to be nice!