We had a good weekend.

Monday, March 08, 2004
Michael and I went up to East Texas this weekend. I hadn't been in a while and hadn't seen my grandmother since we got engaged. We didn't tell her that we were coming so it was a nice surprise for her!

It was such a beautiful weekend. We mainly just hung out with family and fished!! Since we took the day off on Friday we took our time driving up. Stopping here and there to pick up things! We did the same thing Sunday on the way home!

This week is busy, though. We're going camping this weekend so tonight we're grocery shopping for the trip, tomorrow night Michael has softball and mother and I are going to start the dress hunt, Wednesday is Michael's dad's b'day so we'll be at his parents' house that night. Thursday night we have another meeting at the church with the deacon and Friday we're going back to the rodeo. Then Saturday morning we're heading out to the lake at 4 AM - the guys want to get there early to start the fishing. Hey, if they're driving, no problem! I can sleep on the way! We'll be out there until Tuesday! Phew...yeah, like I said, it's going to be a busy week!!

In fact the whole month is pretty much like that. This past weekend we were out of town, this weekend we're out of town, next weekend I have a wedding shower, baby shower, and wedding on the calendar - and they are all around the same time of day!! Sheesh - we can't make it to all of course, so we're going to have to figure this one out. I think we're going to end up sending gifts to the showers and attending the wedding - it's the only one out of the three that's family. Then the following weekend there is another wedding shower planned for the day after Michael's company has a crawfish boil planned. Oh, and did I mention there was another rodeo night somewhere in the middle of all that - I think the Friday before the Three-Event-Saturday!

April looks pretty clean on my calendar. I have a Crop Party scheduled for one weekend. And in May is our engagement party!

Man, I'm starting to feel like Elaine with this busy social calendar!!! :) I can imagine how bad it's going to be when the wedding gets closer!!!