Things are much better around here today,

Wednesday, March 31, 2004
but there is still a lot of work! I got the biggest project off my desk yesterday, though. Worked through lunch to make sure I wouldn't have it laying around!

I have to take a moment to vent out something around here. In three and a half years, my job has been pretty static i.e. I haven't changed departments or positions. I kinda like this b/c in all my division, this is where I would rather be. I have made this position MINE. I have re-created it basically and I am selfish with the thought of handing it off to someone else. BUT, others that work here get moved around a lot - and not very smartly I might add. (I know posting about work can get you in trouble...but I am not naming names so maybe I'll survive.)

I have to complain on behalf of one of my coworkers today. He has his masters and, in my opinion, is very smart - but the most recent move for him has him doing entry level work. The same kind of work I was doing my first day on the job - and that's ALL they have him doing. He is now that "department" I guess and it infuriates me b/c it's such a waste.

There was another girl that worked here who also had her masters. She came in contract while another analyst was on maternity leave. When the analyst decided she wanted to be a stay at home mom, her position should have been, again in MY opinion, given to the contract analyst. She had her masters and did a lot of study abroad - she was a great employee, very very smart! But instead, she was kept on contract for so long, that finally she had enough and found a better position at another company. Frankly, I don't blame her. I am sure she didn't bust her butt to earn two degrees to be held in a contract position where she couldn't even have benefits.

I'm not saying anything about one person or another being better b/c they do or do not have a degree, but if you spend your time working hard in school to gain knowledge and then work your butt off for a company over a period of years after that, you would want and deserve a little more respect than that. These two cases were such valuable assets to the department...sure one is still here, but who knows for how long. He moved forward and was doing more challenging work only to be shoved right back to entry work!

All through college I thought about what kind of job I would get after graduation. I knew that I would have to start at the bottom and work up, so I know they thought the same thing, but after all this time you would think you would start to see a bit of a climb up that career ladder.

I told my boss once that we needed rubber room for mid day screams! He said to simply come into his office and vent to him so that it wouldn't go any farther than that - so from time to time I come in, shut the door, sit down, and tell him that I need to vent! I am really thankful to be working for this man b/c I don't think anyone else would understand and be as compassionate. He went through the ranks, too so he knows the kind of frustration that is associated with it!

After a long day, this is where I am going to call it a day - end it on a good vent!! Hopefully there won't be a pink slip sitting in my inbox tomorrow morning when I come in!