Still hunting for that perfect dress!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Mother and I went looking again on Tuesday night for a dress. I have an idea now of what I want, but I still haven't found MY dress!! Like I posted before, everyone tells me that I'll KNOW when I put it on!

But we're making progress in other areas!! My bridesmaids (well, those that can make it) are coming over Saturday to go look at dresses. And I have found our unity candle (which is being ordered), my parents surprised me by buying our toasting glasses (they are Mikasa and so beautiful), and mother is working on our pillows (for the ring bearers)! I love the fact that mother is so good at making things like that b/c it makes everything that much more special! I know, I use these things ONE day and then they get put up, but c'mon - I only plan on doing this once and I want everything to be special!!!! Little girls dream about their weddings from a very early age -they know exactly what they are looking for and how they want their special day to go!! I believe that every bride and groom should have a chance to create their perfect day!!

One of my biggest obstacles is that I am not a huge fan of tradition! I never really know what I'll like until I see it!!! Because of that, when people ask me specifics about things I want, I'm like "I don't know...haven't found it yet!!" I don't like to do something just b/c that's the way it's always been done! Heh, guess I'm a rebel!!! If you think about it, this wedding really isn't like any of the weddings that my family has had.

It's going to be a Catholic ceremony. I was raised Baptist, but my home church isn't here in Houston and I know that it means a lot to Michael and his family that we get married in a Catholic church. It means a lot to my family, too - but since my church isn't here it wasn't really an option. And I have always thought Catholic ceremonies were so beautiful!!

I am also struggling with finding something to make the reception somewhat unique to me and my family ancestry which is Egyptian/American. To be honest, we really don't have any traditions that define an Egyptian or American wedding but I would like to find something that would honor my father’s side of the family. It’s so important to him and I am his only child. I'd like my wedding/reception to be a reflection of both of our families. I’ll keep thinking on this one...

Okay...enough wedding talk! I have to get some work done!