Office Vent...

Monday, March 22, 2004
Everyone is so busy! Things around here are really hectic this week, too. I don't know - maybe it's b/c we had such an easy week last week and now we're making up for it!!!

BUT, I wanted to vent for a quick second about my office. I am not going to go into any specifics b/c I have heard of the troubles when bosses find out about personal blogs that contain office information - but just in general: Our office has a lot of secrets. It's like being in HS again or something. Everyone knows something that they aren't supposed to tell you, but they'll definitely let you know that they know something you don't. Then, if you ask around, EVERYONE else seems to know it, too - and they tell you in confidence, so in the end everyone knows the same information that NO ONE is supposed to know!!

Most of it is personnel stuff, but okay, here's one slight example that wouldn't get me in trouble. Employee of the Month: I got it in December. I got a nice email to congratulate me from our VP - that's how I found out. I went to my boss to ask if he knew anything about it, which of course he did b/c he nominated me. (Thank you!!) There are two layers between my boss and the VP - each of them came in to personally (and privately) congratulate me. It's like I wasn't supposed to tell anyone and they sure weren't announcing it!!! It was even said to me that it wasn't a public issue. Well, like everything else, it started to leak out and soon everyone knew and were coming up to PUBLICLY congratulate me!!!

There are a lot of other secrets out there, though - not so tame as this example, though. Some I know...some I don't...and some I have heard rumors, which I never trust!!!

So, what's the friggin' big deal????

Why do there have to be so many secrets!?!?!?!?