Down 2.7 Pounds...

Monday, March 01, 2004
Well, I haven't weighed myself in a while...mainly b/c I knew that starting up Atkins again would be hard. They say it's sometimes harder the second go-round! I am finding that it wasn't difficult to commit to it again, but the weight didn't shed nearly as quickly as the first time. Also, I had forgotten a lot of the Rules of Induction. So, I blew the dust off my Atkins book and am re-reading it!!! Since then it has really all come back to me...and in the past week I lost these two pounds!

Tonight it's going to be a challenge to find something low carb b/c we're taking my mother out to the Olive Garden for her b'day. I am sure I'll be able to find something. Start with a hearty salad and then have a chicken/beef dish and be sure to ask for veggies instead of pasta if they all come with pasta! I have been sticking to it very well since starting over! I have a goal now...a date to be thinner for - October 2nd! That's my wedding date!! I'll be updating more often now, hopefully!!!!