Beginning to see some more progress...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
WooHoo...I'm down to 186.5 this afternoon!!! All of my other weigh-ins have been in the morning, so tomorrow I am going to weigh first thing. See if there is a difference from the AM and the PM.

Lately I haven't been just low carb, but also low cal - and small portions! I really haven't been that hungry lately and that's good to help keep portions low and start a routine. I usually end up giving about 3/4 of my dinners to Michael I just give him a little more!!!

Anyway, I had my first wedding dress shopping day yesterday! It went really well, but didn't find anything that really blew me away! I think it's also going to inspire me to stick with this, too b/c I kept looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, "Man, if I were just a big smaller this would look even better..." - I can't think of a better inspiration! Not only that, but my cousins that I haven't seen in years and uncles from Egypt will be coming to this wedding! I'm bigger than all my other cousins, so I'd really like to surprise them all at the wedding with less of me!!! :)

So, I'm proud for now! Just taking it one day at a time! We're going camping this weekend. I am fine with the meals, but the others going all brought tons of snacking food that I can't eat. So tomorrow during lunch I'll be grocery shopping for low carb snacks! I have really started to like sugar free jello. I never much liked Jello before, but it's growing on me!