Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Things are much better around here today,

but there is still a lot of work! I got the biggest project off my desk yesterday, though. Worked through lunch to make sure I wouldn't have it laying around!

I have to take a moment to vent out something around here. In three and a half years, my job has been pretty static i.e. I haven't changed departments or positions. I kinda like this b/c in all my division, this is where I would rather be. I have made this position MINE. I have re-created it basically and I am selfish with the thought of handing it off to someone else. BUT, others that work here get moved around a lot - and not very smartly I might add. (I know posting about work can get you in trouble...but I am not naming names so maybe I'll survive.)

I have to complain on behalf of one of my coworkers today. He has his masters and, in my opinion, is very smart - but the most recent move for him has him doing entry level work. The same kind of work I was doing my first day on the job - and that's ALL they have him doing. He is now that "department" I guess and it infuriates me b/c it's such a waste.

There was another girl that worked here who also had her masters. She came in contract while another analyst was on maternity leave. When the analyst decided she wanted to be a stay at home mom, her position should have been, again in MY opinion, given to the contract analyst. She had her masters and did a lot of study abroad - she was a great employee, very very smart! But instead, she was kept on contract for so long, that finally she had enough and found a better position at another company. Frankly, I don't blame her. I am sure she didn't bust her butt to earn two degrees to be held in a contract position where she couldn't even have benefits.

I'm not saying anything about one person or another being better b/c they do or do not have a degree, but if you spend your time working hard in school to gain knowledge and then work your butt off for a company over a period of years after that, you would want and deserve a little more respect than that. These two cases were such valuable assets to the department...sure one is still here, but who knows for how long. He moved forward and was doing more challenging work only to be shoved right back to entry work!

All through college I thought about what kind of job I would get after graduation. I knew that I would have to start at the bottom and work up, so I know they thought the same thing, but after all this time you would think you would start to see a bit of a climb up that career ladder.

I told my boss once that we needed rubber room for mid day screams! He said to simply come into his office and vent to him so that it wouldn't go any farther than that - so from time to time I come in, shut the door, sit down, and tell him that I need to vent! I am really thankful to be working for this man b/c I don't think anyone else would understand and be as compassionate. He went through the ranks, too so he knows the kind of frustration that is associated with it!

After a long day, this is where I am going to call it a day - end it on a good vent!! Hopefully there won't be a pink slip sitting in my inbox tomorrow morning when I come in!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I think I'm falling off the proverbial wagon...

I can always tell when I have introduced too many carbs back into my diet b/c I start to crave them again and am hungry more than usual. At least I recognize this and know why it happens now and know what to do about it. It's time to go on a week of strict induction to get rid of the cravings!! I know how much I can eat (carb-wise) in order to maintain, but that's not what I want right now. Right now I want to LOSE...and I can't do that if I am craving more and more carbs. In fact, that'll only leading to gaining weight! It's so much easier when you have someone doing it with you. Though Michael doesn't do Atkins (he doesn't need to) he's very good about being conscious of what I can and cannot eat and he makes me aware of it, too - and makes me aware if I am "cheating", too!! I haven't weighed in a couple days, so maybe in the morning when I come in I'll swing by and see where I am before I get into my week of induction.

What a week...already!

It started Monday at 8:30 and it hasn't stopped - and people keep wanting to have meetings during this time! Take a number, b/c I can't even see my desk right now! There are a lot of changes going on around here on top of the fact that the end of the month is coming up, which is always busy, so it's got things a bit hectic around here.

My site has been up and down, which is actually good b/c I have so much work to do that I don't need to be online anyway!

I just looked up for the first time and see how beautiful it is outside - man I'm glad I only have about an hour and a half to go! Michael has two early games this evening (softball) so we'll get to enjoy this weather!!!!! This is a great time of year here in Houston - when it isn't raining that is! It isn't too hot or humid and the skies are beautiful blue and there are blue bonnets popping up all over the place! Aaahhh - okay, I'm ready to go outside NOW!

Friday, March 26, 2004


Comments are working again!

They weren't really down, they just weren't opening up in a new window like they are now! I went back and found the instructions that Kathy sent me and corrected the problem. I was doing some "cleaning" earlier and got rid of the wrong script! problem, though b/c I found it and put it right back where it belongs and now I have a nice pop up window again for my comments!!!!!

I'm a slow walker!!

No, really I am! But I didn't really notice this until I started dating Michael. He always walks ahead of me and forever I just thought he was a fast walker (which he is). He would say that I was just slow, though. Then I started noticing that everyone walked faster than me. And it got really bad when the lady using a walker caught up with me and over took me! Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. People were really catching up and passing me in the halls though - and not all of them were spring chickens either.

I can't believe I was the slow one.

So, I am picking up the pace. No, I am not counting it as exercise, but walking slow definitely doesn't benefit me! When I started making a conscious effort to walk faster I found myself humming peppy little tunes in my head to keep pace with my steps so that I wouldn't slow down. I think I just made something up, though. I'll have to think of a good song with a catchy tune at a quick pace to keep in my head in the future. Any ideas???

Yay! I'm back online...

my site was down this morning. Guess it just had to rest this morning!!

We just got back from lunch. The boss took us out to tell us what a good job we have been doing! Kudos to us!!!! Now I feel like I could take a nap. At 3:20 I'm going downstairs to get a massage - I haven't been down for one in several weeks so it'll be nice. I am very much looking forward to it.

There is a place up here that I have been wanting to make an appointment at forever. I used to get full-body massages all the time. Especially in college. There was a massage therapy school in town and the students gave cheap massages in order to accumulate all the hours they needed for their license - so we went all the time! It was only $20 an hour if you went to a student!

Tonight we're going to a crawfish boil. Michael's company didn't have a Christmas party this year, so instead they are throwing a crawfish boil for the employees - so I'll be heading out a bit early b/c it starts at 5:00. Michael was excited b/c they are letting them leave early today, too. Jump start on the weekend!!!

Then in the morning I'm meeting up with a couple of my bridesmaids as well as my sisters and my mother to go look at dresses for them. I haven't decided if I am going to try on some of the wedding gowns that I have found for them tomorrow or not. I haven't really looked that much, so I thought I might wait until I narrowed it down a bit more before getting outside opinions!!!

It's supposed to be a nice weekend - since the past couple of days have been rather dreary. I hope it does clear up a bit. This overcast weather is terrible for giving me migraines. I had such a bad one last night. It has come to the point where I think I need to go see a doctor again. I have been having so many lately and nothing except sleep seems to help - when I can fall asleep that is.

Well, I have a short now that I have rambled on about this and that I guess it's time to get back to work!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Is it too early for me to retire???

Sounds nice! My mother was a nurse, but she and daddy decided it would be best for her to stay home once I was born - there was only one time when I was six that she worked. And my daddy works off - so when he is home it is for weeks or months at a time - like long vacations! So they are home together a lot...and can travel a lot! Like right now. They are in East Texas now. Daddy just said, out of the blue, "Want to go spend a couple days in Broaddus?" - no need to put in for days off or make sure someone is there to cover your work - you just go! That must be nice!

All four of my siblings have this same convenience. Two run their own business, one is a school administrator (tons of holidays), and the other works for one of the ones with their own business!! Hello!!!!!! I'm the only 9 to 5er in the family!! You know what, I just realized that as I was typing it. I hadn't thought if it that way before.

Although...this year I got another week of vacation. So, I am at three a year now, which is wonderful, especially since we'll be honeymooning in October! And to be honest, I really don't want to be a stay at home mom. I think it's great for women who choose it, but I just don't think it's right for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that mother stayed home with me and I personally want to spend as much time with my children as possible (when I have them), but I need the structure of a job to go to everyday (not to mention the paycheck) to keep me sane!

I have worked since I was a junior in HS and the few short times in between when I didn't have a job, I could tell that it didn't feel right for me. Being a unemployed college student (only for one semester) wasn't too bad b/c school kept me so busy. My graduating semester I had so much work to do it was like I had two or three jobs trying to get it all done.

Still hunting for that perfect dress!!

Mother and I went looking again on Tuesday night for a dress. I have an idea now of what I want, but I still haven't found MY dress!! Like I posted before, everyone tells me that I'll KNOW when I put it on!

But we're making progress in other areas!! My bridesmaids (well, those that can make it) are coming over Saturday to go look at dresses. And I have found our unity candle (which is being ordered), my parents surprised me by buying our toasting glasses (they are Mikasa and so beautiful), and mother is working on our pillows (for the ring bearers)! I love the fact that mother is so good at making things like that b/c it makes everything that much more special! I know, I use these things ONE day and then they get put up, but c'mon - I only plan on doing this once and I want everything to be special!!!! Little girls dream about their weddings from a very early age -they know exactly what they are looking for and how they want their special day to go!! I believe that every bride and groom should have a chance to create their perfect day!!

One of my biggest obstacles is that I am not a huge fan of tradition! I never really know what I'll like until I see it!!! Because of that, when people ask me specifics about things I want, I'm like "I don't know...haven't found it yet!!" I don't like to do something just b/c that's the way it's always been done! Heh, guess I'm a rebel!!! If you think about it, this wedding really isn't like any of the weddings that my family has had.

It's going to be a Catholic ceremony. I was raised Baptist, but my home church isn't here in Houston and I know that it means a lot to Michael and his family that we get married in a Catholic church. It means a lot to my family, too - but since my church isn't here it wasn't really an option. And I have always thought Catholic ceremonies were so beautiful!!

I am also struggling with finding something to make the reception somewhat unique to me and my family ancestry which is Egyptian/American. To be honest, we really don't have any traditions that define an Egyptian or American wedding but I would like to find something that would honor my father’s side of the family. It’s so important to him and I am his only child. I'd like my wedding/reception to be a reflection of both of our families. I’ll keep thinking on this one...

Okay...enough wedding talk! I have to get some work done!

Monday, March 22, 2004

Yay...I made it!!!

I reached my short term goal. I went down this morning and weighed - 186 EVEN!!!

I know, I should have actually lost more than that since then, but with the marshmallows and fried food I ate on my days off, I am just glad that I didn't GAIN back any weight!!!

I am back on track though from straying those couple of days and have been for almost a week now. It's alright to get off track a day here and there, just make sure those days don't all start running together on you!!!

Tonight mother is coming over and we're going to look at wedding dresses again - so that will definitely inspire me to stay on the wagon!!!

Office Vent...

Everyone is so busy! Things around here are really hectic this week, too. I don't know - maybe it's b/c we had such an easy week last week and now we're making up for it!!!

BUT, I wanted to vent for a quick second about my office. I am not going to go into any specifics b/c I have heard of the troubles when bosses find out about personal blogs that contain office information - but just in general: Our office has a lot of secrets. It's like being in HS again or something. Everyone knows something that they aren't supposed to tell you, but they'll definitely let you know that they know something you don't. Then, if you ask around, EVERYONE else seems to know it, too - and they tell you in confidence, so in the end everyone knows the same information that NO ONE is supposed to know!!

Most of it is personnel stuff, but okay, here's one slight example that wouldn't get me in trouble. Employee of the Month: I got it in December. I got a nice email to congratulate me from our VP - that's how I found out. I went to my boss to ask if he knew anything about it, which of course he did b/c he nominated me. (Thank you!!) There are two layers between my boss and the VP - each of them came in to personally (and privately) congratulate me. It's like I wasn't supposed to tell anyone and they sure weren't announcing it!!! It was even said to me that it wasn't a public issue. Well, like everything else, it started to leak out and soon everyone knew and were coming up to PUBLICLY congratulate me!!!

There are a lot of other secrets out there, though - not so tame as this example, though. Some I know...some I don't...and some I have heard rumors, which I never trust!!!

So, what's the friggin' big deal????

Why do there have to be so many secrets!?!?!?!?

The BlueBonnets are blooming!

This morning on the way to work I saw a big patch of them near my office. There were so pretty!! Spring is such a pretty time here in Texas!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

We had another busy weekend,

but a nice one. Friday we went to our last rodeo concert of 2004. It was pretty good, but we were both pretty tired and the performance wasn't the best that we have seen of Pat Green. We thought about doing something afterwards, but were both pretty tired so we just went home. Saturday Michael's mother picked us up to go look at choices for Michael's Groom's cake. Michael knew just what he wanted so it didn't take too long to pick it out. I could describe it, but it just wouldn't do it justice, so I guess you'll have to wait until October to see it!! Afterwards, we took her truck to get it washed and headed back home.

After she dropped us off, Michael and I had lunch and then started getting ready for the wedding. Actually, we went straight to the reception. It was held at the same place we're having our reception. I had been there before for another wedding reception, but Michael hadn't so I was glad that he and his family were able to see what it would be like to have our wedding there...and we got some ideas about things we wanted and didn't want! Hee hee...we were there for the other couple, but took advantage a bit of seeing what the place was like, too!!! Anyway...we were there until around midnight - maybe 11:30.

Sunday we really didn't have any plans, but I haven't seen my parents in a while so we decided to spend the afternoon with them. We headed out around noon to meet them. The afternoon turned into evening and lunch turned into dinner...and well, three bottles of wine and twenty pounds of crawfish later at 9:00 we finally headed home! My sister and her husband ended up joining us and then their son for a quick visit as well. It was a really nice evening. Lots of good conversation and good company!

I really don't drink that much anymore, so after the wedding on Saturday (I had a few beers) and all the wine on Sunday, I am pretty exhausted this morning!!! Michael and I got spoiled b/c we had two long weekends in a row, but we got a lot crammed into this weekend!!!

This coming weekend we each have separate plans, though. He is playing in a softball tournament, so on Saturday I am getting my bridesmaids together (well, those that can make it) and we're going to look at dresses - for me and them! But I am not making any plans for the rest of the weekend. I figured Saturday night I could watch Michael play softball and Sunday if he wasn't playing we would just hang out together! We'll see...

Well, gotta get back to work!

Friday, March 19, 2004

I didn't weigh this week...

I don't know why, but I've been feeling kind of ugh this week. I shouldn't - I had a four day weekend! I didn't go downstairs to weigh once since I have been back. I don't know why. Maybe I was afraid that I had gained a pound back or something. Yesterday I noticed that I have been having a few cravings for breads/sugars. I think it's b/c I had a few roasted marshmallows this weekend at the camp and then on Friday we were at Galveston and we had seafood. Now seafood isn't bad itself...but I had it fried. Yeah, I know...baaad if you're doing low carb and worse b/c one of the great things about eating low carb is the absence of appetite. And when you start introducing carbs back into your diet - bad carbs like pure sugar (marshmallows) and all that breading on the seafood - then your appetite and cravings start coming back more.

SO - this week (since I have been back in the office) I have been good, but it's been a struggle, b/c I keep finding myself wanting a piece of bread or something sweet. But after these past couple of days, it should get easy once again!

Anyway...I was asked to provide a recipe for lettuce wraps and have found it!!! I have never made them myself (easier to run to Pei Wei), but if you try it definitely let me know how they turn out!!!

My short week is over...

and I'm glad, too! I'm ready for the weekend. Being off for four days had me a bit spoiled!!! Man wouldn't it be nice to work fewer hours/days for the same pay!!?!?!? That would be wonderful.

We're going back to the rodeo tonight to see Pat Green, then tomorrow we're going to pick out Michael's grroms cake with his mother, and tomorrow evening we have a wedding to attened - which the reception happens to be at the same place we're having our wedding reception!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Love my Lettuce Wraps

I have written about lettuce wraps before, but I just have to say it again...They're Awesome!! And I am not talking about b/c they are low cal, low carb, AND low fat! I mean, they are delicious!!! This is one of my favorite meals!

Anyway, so that's what I am having for lunch today. I didn't go down and weigh this morning b/c I was in a rush, but I will tomorrow. I was good all weekend, but I did cave once and have a few marshmallows. We were roasting them on the campfire so I had some, too - but other than that I was good! It really isn't hard to be good on Atkins b/c you don't have the appetite that you usually do...and you don't really CRAVE things, though sometimes one will sneak up on you!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Well, I'm back!!!

I don't have time to post everything now, but we did have a great time! We didn't camp the whole time b/c the weather got bad and the fish weren't biting, but we still took off a couple days and played!! It was a lot of fun!

But after a few days out, my inbox (email and physical) overfloweth, so I have lots of work to do!!! thing before I go...we finally got my ring sized (had to come down a size and a quarter) and we bought Michael's ring on Monday!!! We're having it engraved so we won't get it back for a couple weeks, though. I can't wait to get it back, even though he can't wear it now I want to see how the engraving looks!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

When I get in the car in the morning

I crank up the heat, just about the time I get warm and toasty the A/C is needed. I walk out of the house with my jacket on and half way to my office I have to shed it b/c I am melting!!! Well, that's Houston weather! At least it isn't wet right now...well, it isn't supposed to be until Sunday - when we'll be camping! Ugh, I hope it doesn't rain all four days that we're camping. It'll be miserable. Michael says that he is fishing no matter what the weather does. That's go fish. I'll be cozy and dry in the tent with my crosswords, crochet, and whatever else Kristeena and I bring to keep ourselves occupied!!

Tonight we're going to the rodeo again so I have to run home and finish packing beforehand b/c we're all leaving at 4 in the morning to head to the lake. The boys are going straight to the water before we even set up camp, so I think us gals are going to empty the back of my jeep and catch a few more Z's while they're doing that!!! I know we (girls) aren't going to want to fish for four days. Don't get me wrong. I do like to fish, but these two brothers could fish all day and night without stopping!

I'm just looking forward to relaxing for four days! No work, no wedding planning, no traffic!!!! It's going to be nice!

Sugar Cravings!!!

Endulge!!! I don't have a HUGE sweet tooth, but every once in a while I'll get a craving for chocolate...and that doesn't help at all when you're trying to lose weight! But thanks to Russell Stover I can now endulge when I like!!!

No, I don't mean go out and eat a whole bag in one sitting, but I keep plenty of these goodies on hand and when I am tempted with donuts or b'day cake or ice cream, I eat a couple of these instead and am completely satisfied!!! They are great for snacking b/c they are sweet enough that just one or two is all you need. It's not like a bag of chips that you can't close until it's empty!!!

I also like hard candy, and these (from Baskin Robbins) are great!! I keep a bowl of them on my desk - they last longer than the chocolate obviously!!!

So, nah I don't have a sweet tooth...not a huge one - but I do love chocolate!!


Only .5 pounds to go and I'll have lost ten pounds!!!! WooHoo!!! I didn't realize this until I updated my progress report!!! OKay...short term goal: Lose .5 pounds to reach 10 lbs. loss mark!!!!!

No difference in the AM and PM!

Hmmm...maybe b/c of my dinner last night??? My Mother-in-Law to be cooked an all-carbs dinner last night, so I just ate a big salad and tiny portions for dinner. It was Michael's dad's b'day. I didn't want to be rude and not eat at all, though so I just had a spoon of this and a spoon of that - and no cake! But then this morning when I came in to weigh, I still weighed the same as I did yesterday around 4:00. Who knows!!?!?

I went out during lunch today to do some grocery shopping. We're going camping this weekend until next Tuesday and all the snackin' food is stuff I can't eat. So, I hit the grocery store today and bought low carb goodies just for me!! I have low car yogurt, celery and cream cheese, pork skins and ranch dip, and string cheese. I found some low carb peanut butter, but when I compared it to the $1.50 cheaper Wal-Mart brand I saw that they had exactly the same number of carbs! So, I bought the Wal-Mart brand. All peanut butter tastes good to me and I thought it would be a good alternative to cream cheese on my celery...yum!!!

When I came back from shopping I wasn't really that hungry so I got some sugar free jello for lunch - they come in tall cups down stairs so it's a pretty good sized serving and will keep me satiated till dinner! I haven't really had much of an appetite lately - don't know why, but I'm not complaining!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Dress hunting went well,

though I didn't find "the dress," but honestly I didn't expect to find it the first day out! I don't really know what I want anymore, though. What I thought I wanted didn't look good at all and dresses that I wouldn't even have considered before are starting to tempt me a bit!'s going to be a long selection process I believe!

Tonight we go back to the church to meet with the deacon and hopefully with the facilities coordinator, as well! She is so busy it's hard to pin her down.

I did decide on a photographer yesterday, though. She was referred from a friend at work who used her for their wedding. She does very good work and I was equally impressed with her personality, too!

We haven't 100% committed to a DJ, but we have been in contact with one that works through the place we're having the reception. I think we're going to end up going with him, though.

Well, that's enough wedding talk...I need to get some work done!

Beginning to see some more progress...

WooHoo...I'm down to 186.5 this afternoon!!! All of my other weigh-ins have been in the morning, so tomorrow I am going to weigh first thing. See if there is a difference from the AM and the PM.

Lately I haven't been just low carb, but also low cal - and small portions! I really haven't been that hungry lately and that's good to help keep portions low and start a routine. I usually end up giving about 3/4 of my dinners to Michael I just give him a little more!!!

Anyway, I had my first wedding dress shopping day yesterday! It went really well, but didn't find anything that really blew me away! I think it's also going to inspire me to stick with this, too b/c I kept looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, "Man, if I were just a big smaller this would look even better..." - I can't think of a better inspiration! Not only that, but my cousins that I haven't seen in years and uncles from Egypt will be coming to this wedding! I'm bigger than all my other cousins, so I'd really like to surprise them all at the wedding with less of me!!! :)

So, I'm proud for now! Just taking it one day at a time! We're going camping this weekend. I am fine with the meals, but the others going all brought tons of snacking food that I can't eat. So tomorrow during lunch I'll be grocery shopping for low carb snacks! I have really started to like sugar free jello. I never much liked Jello before, but it's growing on me!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm starting the dress hunt today.

I have been looking online, but haven't been anywhere to look for dresses yet. My mother is coming over after work today and we're going to start at David's Bridal - there is one just down the street from me. I have looked through their catalog and found a couple that I like, but like everyone says, you never know till you put it on and when you know, you know! We'll see if that proves to be true!

I think it's time for a nap.

I had a great lunch with EJ today. I don't get to eat sushi nearly that much any more so it's always a treat to have lunch with him b/c I know he's up for it...and b/c it's great company!!!! ;)

It's just so nice outside today and such a great weather that now I don't want to get back to work.

Monday, March 08, 2004

We had a good weekend.

Michael and I went up to East Texas this weekend. I hadn't been in a while and hadn't seen my grandmother since we got engaged. We didn't tell her that we were coming so it was a nice surprise for her!

It was such a beautiful weekend. We mainly just hung out with family and fished!! Since we took the day off on Friday we took our time driving up. Stopping here and there to pick up things! We did the same thing Sunday on the way home!

This week is busy, though. We're going camping this weekend so tonight we're grocery shopping for the trip, tomorrow night Michael has softball and mother and I are going to start the dress hunt, Wednesday is Michael's dad's b'day so we'll be at his parents' house that night. Thursday night we have another meeting at the church with the deacon and Friday we're going back to the rodeo. Then Saturday morning we're heading out to the lake at 4 AM - the guys want to get there early to start the fishing. Hey, if they're driving, no problem! I can sleep on the way! We'll be out there until Tuesday! Phew...yeah, like I said, it's going to be a busy week!!

In fact the whole month is pretty much like that. This past weekend we were out of town, this weekend we're out of town, next weekend I have a wedding shower, baby shower, and wedding on the calendar - and they are all around the same time of day!! Sheesh - we can't make it to all of course, so we're going to have to figure this one out. I think we're going to end up sending gifts to the showers and attending the wedding - it's the only one out of the three that's family. Then the following weekend there is another wedding shower planned for the day after Michael's company has a crawfish boil planned. Oh, and did I mention there was another rodeo night somewhere in the middle of all that - I think the Friday before the Three-Event-Saturday!

April looks pretty clean on my calendar. I have a Crop Party scheduled for one weekend. And in May is our engagement party!

Man, I'm starting to feel like Elaine with this busy social calendar!!! :) I can imagine how bad it's going to be when the wedding gets closer!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

It's rodeo time again in Houston...

and we're off to see George tonight!!! We saw him last year when he opened for the rodeo. It was a great show!! I am anxious to see him again.

It's getting yucky outside again. I hope it isn't raining too badly later. We have a parking pass so I don't think it will matter much, but still. Wet weather = really frizzy hair!!

We had a baby shower during lunch today for one of our coworkers. It was a surprise party! His wife works here, too in another department and they gave her a shower last week, but none of knew anything about we had our own for him! She's home now b/c she is due any day, but she made it up here for the party! He was so surprised!!! He couldn't believe we surprised him!

Well, there is only about an hour left. There have been a lot of closed doors around here. I'm not really sure what all is going on. They have been moving a lot of people around so I am sure they are discussing who is next...I just wish it wasn't so obvious without being able to tell us anything!

It's rodeo time again in Houston...

and we're off to see George tonight!!! We saw him last year when he opened for the rodeo. It was a great show!! I am anxious to see him again.

It's getting yucky outside again. I hope it isn't raining too badly later. We have a parking pass so I don't think it will matter much, but still. Wet weather = really frizzy hair!!

We had a baby shower during lunch today for one of our coworkers. It was a surprise party! His wife works here, too in another department and they gave her a shower last week, but none of knew anything about we had our own for him! She's home now b/c she is due any day, but she made it up here for the party! He was so surprised!!! He couldn't believe we surprised him!

Well, there is only about an hour left. There have been a lot of closed doors around here. I'm not really sure what all is going on. They have been moving a lot of people around so I am sure they are discussing who is next...I just wish it wasn't so obvious without being able to tell us anything!

Monday, March 01, 2004

Down 2.7 Pounds...

Well, I haven't weighed myself in a while...mainly b/c I knew that starting up Atkins again would be hard. They say it's sometimes harder the second go-round! I am finding that it wasn't difficult to commit to it again, but the weight didn't shed nearly as quickly as the first time. Also, I had forgotten a lot of the Rules of Induction. So, I blew the dust off my Atkins book and am re-reading it!!! Since then it has really all come back to me...and in the past week I lost these two pounds!

Tonight it's going to be a challenge to find something low carb b/c we're taking my mother out to the Olive Garden for her b'day. I am sure I'll be able to find something. Start with a hearty salad and then have a chicken/beef dish and be sure to ask for veggies instead of pasta if they all come with pasta! I have been sticking to it very well since starting over! I have a goal now...a date to be thinner for - October 2nd! That's my wedding date!! I'll be updating more often now, hopefully!!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

It's close time around here,

so I don't have much time to blog about my weekend!! We did have a good time, though. Friday night we opted to do nothing b/c we had to be up so early the next morning to head out to Lampassas where Michael's deer lease is. We decided it would be a lot easier to just spend the night at his parents' house and all leave from there together. I was in bed pretty early so it wasn't too hard to get up. Another thing that made it easier was this his dad decided to get up at five instead of four! Another blessed hour of sleep! Yay! Michael's brother didn't come hom until around three I don't think so he had a harder time than the rest of us!

I was up and out of bed with no problem, but couldn't resist nodding off as we drove out 290 towards Austin! It was a four and a half hour drive with one potty and gas stop and another stop at the feed store to buy corn and protein for the feeders. We made it to the lease around 10:00 - I think - and it was off to work! At first we were working on the fences - well, the guys did most of the work! I was project supervisor!!! After we repaired the fences, Michael's daddy and his brother went back down to the camp to load up the corn and protein so Michael and I sat in his stand for a while to see if we saw anything. We knew we wouldn't since we were making so much noise earlier. Once they returned we set about mixing the corn and the protein to fill the feeders.

After that was all done, we all loaded back up on the jeep to head back down to the camp. I don't know how high we are, but it was a long way up to the feeders and stands! I have pictures, though they aren't posted yet - of course! I'll post them tonight!

The plan was to get up early the next morning and go sit in the stands to see if we could spot any deer. We I cooked dinner and we were going to play some dominoes or watch a movie, but I think we all realized we were a lot more tired than we thought, b/c they put in the movie (home movies from the deer lease) and it wasn't long before we all had our eyes closed! That was about 8:30!!!!!

Sometime during the night the winds picked up terribly and the tarp outside the camper was blowing so hard it sounded like a tornado was blowing out there! None of us could sleep so eventually they went out and took it down - that was just before midnight!

Again we were planning on getting up at five, but when we woke up the wind was still blowing and it was we knew there was no point in going to the stands b/c the deer wouldn't be out. So, we sat out to make breakfast and get things cleaned up and put up and head back to Houston.

We left around 8:30 - they said that was a record time! It poured about half the time on the way home! I think I went to bed last night at 8:30 again.