TMI Post???

Monday, February 02, 2004
I used to wax my legs a long time ago instead of shaving. It was awesome b/c it got to the point where the hair almost didn't grow at all! Sweet - well, I decided to do it again! Usually I get a professional to do this at a salon, but I figured since I've seen it done enough I should be able to do it without a problem (First mistake).

So, I get my easy roll-on bottle of Nair and pop it into the microwave for the time indicated on the back of the bottle. Well, I guess my microwave settings are different from those they used in the Nair labs b/c 20 seconds didn't do anything. It was still hard. So, I popped it back in there for a few more seconds (Second mistake).

Now when I take it out of the microwave it's defnitely in the liquid form that I'm used to seeing at the salon! I prop one leg up on the counter in my bathroom and turn the bottle upside down to start rolling on the wax and it POURS out! I have hot wax running all over my ankle and around my leg and dripping on my hands and floor! I start screaming and Michael just looks up from the computer like "What the hell????" "I'm burning myself in here!!!!" So, what do I do next? Well, I have to get this hot wax off my leg before it burns all the way through - so I put the cloth strip on my leg and rip off the hot was (Third and worst mistake of all). Not only did the cloth remove all the wax from my leg and the hair that was there, it also took all my skin with it. The burn made huge blisters immediately on my leg and when I removed the wax the skin just lifted right off. Hey, what was I supposed to do let it dry and flake off after a couple of weeks?!?!?

I had some second skin type patches that I put on it after I slathered it with antibiotic ointment. Needless to say I was in agony last night while Michael just laughed. "Why the hell did you do that???" "Um, b/c I wanted to see what it looked like under my skin!!" I didn't do it on purpose!!!!

So, today I have gauze wrapped around my ankle b/c I don't want my pants rubbing up against it and am using Solarcaine Spray on it to ease the pain again.

Note to self: Just shave next time.