Made it through Monday!

Monday, February 02, 2004
It's close for me today. I have a 4:00 deadline, but no worries - I got all the work done yesterday. All I have to do today is upload it to our accounting system and I'll be done - which I'll be doing immediately following this post!

I have had a headache all week long. Just a dull throb that won't go away - I thought maybe it was b/c of the rainy weather, but it's clear out there today. Weather is a big trigger for my migraines. Overcast days are the worst. Rain and thunderstorms don't cause them so much (thank goodness b/c I love to watch storms), but grey skies and muggy days almost always assure me of a bad migraine and usually accompanied with nausea.

We had a good weekend. We didn't go out Friday, but Saturday night we finally hit the DT scene! We went to the Tim McGraw concert at Minute Maid Park. Jack Ingram and Cory Morrow were there, too. And there was a surprise visit by Roger Clemens!!! The concert was great, but it was cold and then they decided to open the roof. I think they did this for all the out of town visitors - so they could see it open. Which was fine, but we were freezing!! We stayed downtown for a short time after the concert, but not too long. Sunday was going to be an early day b/c it was my father's b'day, Michael's brother's b'day, and SuperBowl!! So, first we met my parents at church and went back to their house for lunch. My sister's and their families and my aunt came by to celebrate. Then we went to Michael's parents' house to celebrate his brother's birthday and watch the SuperBowl. Nah, we didn't have a big SuperBowl party, it was just a family gathering! Michael's parents, his uncle, his two brothers, and their girlfriends were all there! We had a great time, but after a big lunch for my dad's birthday and a big dinner for Christopher's birthday I was ready for bed way early!!!! Maybe that's why I was so sleepy yesterday! I went to bed pretty early and got enough sleep, but it was so hard to keep my eyes open yesterday even with all the work that I had to do! I even took the last 30 minutes of my lunch and took a power nap!!