It's a Grey Monday

Sunday, February 08, 2004
It's yucky looking outside. I wanted to go out for lunch today, but have decided to stay in. It's just blah out there. Tonight is going to be better, though. We're going to watch the Rockets play tonight. We gave both of Michael's brothers tickets as part of their Christmas present last year and tonight's the night! I am anxious to go b/c I haven't been inside the Toyota Center yet. I think we're going to try to get down there early and run over to Minute Maid and see about getting some Astros tickets, too. I love to go to the games so much more than watching them on television, though I don't mind watching them it's just so much more fun, obviously, to be there for the game!

We had a good weekend - on the road a lot. Friday night I got to see part of the Friday Night Gaggle (it's been a long time). Michael and I played pool with everyone until around 8:00 - I think we might start doing that more often. Afterwards we had a nice dinner together. We were going to make a date night out of it and do something else in addition to dinner, but by the time we made it out of the restaurant it was 10:30 and we had an early morning. We drove out Saturday morning with a group of about seven to a friend's land out in Giddings. We fished and shot skeets and cooked out on the grille. It was a lot of fun, but it did make for a long day. We were scheduled to leave at 5:30, which was the time that Michael and I arrived, but other people didn't make it there until an hour or so later, so we didn't get on the road until almost 7:00!! Sunday Michael's brother and his girlfriend hung out with us at my place and I cooked a venison roast and we played games and watched the awards - and I must add that I wasn't impressed with the performances. Granted, they all sounded lovely, but c'mon - they were all putting me to sleep. Every single sond (nearly) was a slow song. Michael's brother and his gf fell asleep!! I nearly did, too! Anyway, we turned it off around 9:45 or so...I had had enough of it.

Burn Update: My leg is healing well. It's getting to that itchy stage, though (which is a good sign). I am about to start heavy on the Vitamin E now b/c I am afraid it will be a bad scar otherwise. I scar pretty badly and I don't need another scar now. I have three on my right leg alone. They have all faded a lot over time b/c I put Vitamin E on them, but this one is worse than the others - I'm afraid it might be harder to get rid of.