Monday, March 01, 2004

It's close time around here,

so I don't have much time to blog about my weekend!! We did have a good time, though. Friday night we opted to do nothing b/c we had to be up so early the next morning to head out to Lampassas where Michael's deer lease is. We decided it would be a lot easier to just spend the night at his parents' house and all leave from there together. I was in bed pretty early so it wasn't too hard to get up. Another thing that made it easier was this his dad decided to get up at five instead of four! Another blessed hour of sleep! Yay! Michael's brother didn't come hom until around three I don't think so he had a harder time than the rest of us!

I was up and out of bed with no problem, but couldn't resist nodding off as we drove out 290 towards Austin! It was a four and a half hour drive with one potty and gas stop and another stop at the feed store to buy corn and protein for the feeders. We made it to the lease around 10:00 - I think - and it was off to work! At first we were working on the fences - well, the guys did most of the work! I was project supervisor!!! After we repaired the fences, Michael's daddy and his brother went back down to the camp to load up the corn and protein so Michael and I sat in his stand for a while to see if we saw anything. We knew we wouldn't since we were making so much noise earlier. Once they returned we set about mixing the corn and the protein to fill the feeders.

After that was all done, we all loaded back up on the jeep to head back down to the camp. I don't know how high we are, but it was a long way up to the feeders and stands! I have pictures, though they aren't posted yet - of course! I'll post them tonight!

The plan was to get up early the next morning and go sit in the stands to see if we could spot any deer. We I cooked dinner and we were going to play some dominoes or watch a movie, but I think we all realized we were a lot more tired than we thought, b/c they put in the movie (home movies from the deer lease) and it wasn't long before we all had our eyes closed! That was about 8:30!!!!!

Sometime during the night the winds picked up terribly and the tarp outside the camper was blowing so hard it sounded like a tornado was blowing out there! None of us could sleep so eventually they went out and took it down - that was just before midnight!

Again we were planning on getting up at five, but when we woke up the wind was still blowing and it was we knew there was no point in going to the stands b/c the deer wouldn't be out. So, we sat out to make breakfast and get things cleaned up and put up and head back to Houston.

We left around 8:30 - they said that was a record time! It poured about half the time on the way home! I think I went to bed last night at 8:30 again.

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