I had a great lunch with some friends from work.

Friday, February 27, 2004
The four of us used to go to lunch together all the time, but our jobs have been moved around so much that we don't all work close together anymore and don't keep up like we used to. We still try to get in a group lunch once every so often! Today we all had news...mine was my engagement (which they knew about, but we hadn't really got to talk about), one was that he and his wife were pregnant with their first child, another was that she and her husband were trying for their second child, and the last one told us about an upcoming change for him that I can't really disclose to the world wide web as of yet! But it was definitely and interesting lunch with all we had to talk about!

When our group was on the marketing floor in our old building and we all had cubicles we seemed to have more time for one another. Maybe there were so many distractions back then that we didn't realize how busy we really were!!! Now, that we're all in offices the work seems to get done so much more quickly, which is good and bad. Good b/c of the obvious reasons that we get everything done, but bad b/c I am a very fast worker and tend to get everything done and have to go down to the boss to look for more projects. I hate to have idle time b/c I tend to spend it on the internet, which really isn't good during working hours!

Well, speaking of, lunch is over so I really should get back to work. It's EOM and I have monthly allocations to get through!