Burn Update

Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Well, my leg didn't fall off or anything, but it isn't pretty!! The burns are pretty bad...mother and daddy came over yesterday and brought me some Silvadene. When my father got burned several years ago that's what they put on him in the hospital...he doesn't even have any scars.

I had it all covered up today and had trouser socks on, but my coworker (my mother at work) told me to take all that off and let it breathe or it wasn't going to heal. So, now I am running around with one sock on and one sock off...and it's so obvious b/c my pants are dark grey and my socks are black and then there is the white ankle shining out from my left pant leg!!! Quite the fashion statement! Next week this look will be all the rage and I'll be known as being ahead of my time!!!!