Friday, February 27, 2004

But before I go back to work...

I have to vent about my visor (which I can't even find a link for b/c they don't make them anymore - maybe it's time to upgrade)!!!! It was working just fine problems, no worries. But is that the case today? Obviously not or I wouldn't be venting about it! It won't sync! I don't KNOW why! If I knew why I would be able to correct the problem! That's it...I have had enough, am now officially looking to upgrade!!!!!!!

I had a great lunch with some friends from work.

The four of us used to go to lunch together all the time, but our jobs have been moved around so much that we don't all work close together anymore and don't keep up like we used to. We still try to get in a group lunch once every so often! Today we all had news...mine was my engagement (which they knew about, but we hadn't really got to talk about), one was that he and his wife were pregnant with their first child, another was that she and her husband were trying for their second child, and the last one told us about an upcoming change for him that I can't really disclose to the world wide web as of yet! But it was definitely and interesting lunch with all we had to talk about!

When our group was on the marketing floor in our old building and we all had cubicles we seemed to have more time for one another. Maybe there were so many distractions back then that we didn't realize how busy we really were!!! Now, that we're all in offices the work seems to get done so much more quickly, which is good and bad. Good b/c of the obvious reasons that we get everything done, but bad b/c I am a very fast worker and tend to get everything done and have to go down to the boss to look for more projects. I hate to have idle time b/c I tend to spend it on the internet, which really isn't good during working hours!

Well, speaking of, lunch is over so I really should get back to work. It's EOM and I have monthly allocations to get through!

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Dag Nabbit...I got a ticket yesterday!!

I went through a yellow light - well, it was yellow when I started going through it, but it turned red. Okay, OKay...I ran a red light. Grrr...I don't want to have to deal with this now. I am just going to call it in and take defensive driving, though. It' been over a year since I took it last so I should be eligible.

Today is Go Texan day here in the office so everyone is in their cowboy get-ups! I'm not, though. I don't know why I didn't wear my boots - I'm in sandals instead and ruffled shirt - my boss called me a flower child today!?!?!

I'll probably come back later b/c I had something else to write about and now can't remember what it was! Hmm, maybe it'll come to me later!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Thursday fun... sorta looks like me!! Maybe...what do you think? It was fun to make either way! Try it...let's see what you come up with!

Link found at ASB

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Isn't today Fat Tuesday?

I figured that Google would have one of their themed logos up today! Hmmm...maybe they'll have one for Mardi Gras!

Posts from the past...

I love this feature!! I love to go back and read what was going on in years past and I often don't do it, though. (bottom of my right side bar)

A year ago today the weather was about the same, but I was talking about introducing Michael to my daddy instead of planning our wedding! All I can say is it's been a good year!

Michael is playing softball on Tuesdays again, but I don't think they'll be playing tonight. It's been raining and today doesn't look much better.

I went down and got some lunch, but nothing is tasting good for some reason. The celery isn't bad, but celery doesn't really have much of a taste to begin with. I got tuna fish - which is alright. Pickles - the first one was good, second slice tastes icky. Carrots - bleh!!! So, I might just ditch all of it and just drink a slim fast (low carb) instead. I really should be posting about my meal on Jeans! I haven't updated there in a while. Not much weight change to talk about really! Anyway, (I stray) bottom line - my lunch is gross!

I hope I am not getting sick and that's why everything tastes bad. We're going camping in a couple weeks and I don't want to be feeling lousy while we're out there. Michael's brother and his girlfriend are going with us. I made out our checklist today to make sure we get everything. Michael and I bought a few things on Sunday, but sometime this week we have to make it out to the storage to get the tent. The rest of it's really up to Michael and his brother - fishing "stuff"! Don't get me wrong, I like to fish - but these guys will stay out there all day and fish! I'm ready to go after a couple hours, but then I don't catch fish like they do! Us gals are going to take other things to occupy our time b/c I know we aren't going to be fishing the whole time with them!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Well, we set the date!

October 2nd - which is my Grannie and PawPaw's anniversary, and I found out my PawPaw's parents' anniversary as well! My PawPaw passed away many years ago, but I know he'll be smiling!

It is also my nephew's b'day!!

Mother and daddy are coming over in a bit and we're going to put the deposit down for the reception! Then it'll be set - and I have to make another appointment to go to the church to meet with the deacon and get our paperwork squared away and start our "counseling session" with him. I don't really know what else to call it...but Catholics make you go through a lot to get married. I don't really think that's a bad thing, though! I'm not Catholic, but Michael is.

Well, I have some things to do before they get here, so I better get going!

Friday, February 20, 2004

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I have a new category for wedding posts.

I just finished writing up a post and then I lost it! I hate it when that happens!

Well, what I said was we're getting busy! Last night we went to Michael's aunt's house to ask her and her three boys to be in the wedding - ring bearer (we're having two), an usher, and to help Michael's aunt to present the gifts along with Michael's uncle from the other side of the family (Michael is Catholic). Then this evening at six is our first appointment at the church. Hopefully by tonight we'll have a date set! Friday we're having dinner at my mother's house b/c I haven't seen my siblings - only talked to them on the phone and they are anxious to see us! And Saturday both mothers are coming over to talk to me and Michael about what we want and start making some decisions! Though quite a few have already been made!

This is going to be about a six month engagement and everyone keeps telling me that's quick! We'll see, but we have a good support group so I hope things will go relatively smoothly!!!

Umm...yeah, I don't think coins

are too good a source for fiber. And could defnitely see how they could stop up your bowels. Yikes!
Here's the related story! Someone needs to buy this man a piggy bank!!!

Yay! Smilies error is corrected...

I don't know what was wrong with them, but I deleted the smilies that I had and uploaded them again and the error is gone! I think I might have missed one or two b/c past comments have some broken images, but that's alright!!!!!

(and I added a new category for blog posts)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I had a good night last night.

Kathy and I went over to Elaine's house to have pho and watch a movie! We had a good evening just vegging and hanging out with one another! It was a late night for me. I am usually in bed before 11:00 and I don't think I shut my eyes until nearl 1:00 AM!

Michael started softball back last night, too. He had two late games - 9:30 and 10:30! He said that he could tell it had been a while! Tomorrow we're going to the church to meet with the priest and hopefully have a date set if not tomorrow, then by at least early next week when we're sure we have a reception site for the same day! Then the planning really begins!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Thanks everyone

for your support and congratulations!!!!!! I am so excited! And nervous too, to be honest! Not necessarily about getting married, but about the planning! Do you have any idea what all you have to do to plan a wedding!?!?!?! I have helped with several weddings, but the real stress was on someone else for those! Luckily my mother and Michael's mother are going to help out a lot!

Several friends here at work are currently engaged and plannning weddings and one brought me a bag full of bridal magazines this afternoon to look through!!!!

Today's talk has been all about weddings - so I really need to get busy and do some real work! Hee hee...

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I was so good this weekend...

I have been really sticking to the Atkins diet and haven't felt sick at all! The only time that I have "cheated" was Saturday. We went out to dinner for Valentine's (and to celebrate...I GOT ENGAGED SATURDAY!!!!!!) and for dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries...and I had two! They were very delicious, but I was completely satisfied with the two and haven't wanted anything sweet or starchy since!! Otherwise, I have been very strict and even had to go in a loop on my belt this morning!!! Yay! I haven't weighed, though. I think I am going to this week, though.


We did it...

Michael and I got engaged!!! He proposed to me yesterday on Valentine's Day at the fountain at Williams Tower!

I have pictures posted from the day here - and pictures of my ring!!

We don't have any details lined out yet, but I'll post as we make plans! I am so excited and was so surprised! I had no idea that's what he had in mind for Valentine's Day!! He went the day before to my parents' house for about an hour and a half to talk to them and ask for my hand - which really impressed my father!!!

Both of our parents just left. They came over tonight and we all went out to dinner! They are all just as excited...well, maybe not quite as excited as I am!!

Friday, February 13, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day

It's one year today since

I made the complete migration from my old blog to with the help of my two pMachine gurus (yeah, there are two not just the one) - EJ & Kathy - I have really learned a lot and have been able to make what I want!! I have been blogging now for almost three years, though, a lot of that history still resides on Blogger's database (I'll get it all moved one day)!! Back when I was first starting to blog it was Elaine that was having to listen to all my questions!! Of course, at first we were just across the cubicle from one another and then after I changed jobs she had emails to answer from me about HTML and such!!!

Thanks all three of you!!!!

My blogging style has changed a lot over the last few years, too...and some of it has stayed the same. Every once in a while it's fun to go back a read about what I was doing - hence the POSTS FROM THE PAST block in my sidebar. I do that sometimes with my written journals, too - as a matter of fact, tomorrow marks the 7th anniversary of my written journals!! Wow, I can't believe that! I mean, I had diaries when I was a little girl, but these journals are different. They are the thoughts that I don't really share with people and that I write down for my own self and not for anyone else. I keep all these journals, too - but they are securely tucked away for my eyes only! It's actually time to buy another one, b/c the one that I am writing in now it just about full. I think I only have about three more pages on it, and c'mon, that'll be filled in one sitting. I'll probably even run out of room on my next entry! Yeah, I let it all hang out in my personal journals!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Thanks to my pMachine Guru

I now have smilies enabled, though I am still tweaking and adding as I don't have that many smilies! I don't think I want to build the small army of smilies that Kathy has. I just want those visiting to be able to leave smilies. Afterall, I like leaving smilies on my comments around the blog world!

Thanks Kathy!

TGIF...and it's the 13th!!


enough playing! I said I had work to do and I really do!

Thanks to Kathy

I now have my comments in a nice pop-up window!!!! Yay! Thanks Kathy!

I haven't finished tweaking the appearance, but it's good for now. I have to much work to do today, but will play when I get the chance!

So, go check it out...leave me comments!!! (No I don't have any nifty smilies...maybe later)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I have decided

that I am tired of trying to think up "titles" for all my posts. I am just going to incorporate my title into my post from now I on. I know...sounds lazy, but I have seen it on other blogs and decided that's what I want to do uncaring of any flack that I may receive!!!! I'm just in that kind of a mood today!!

Now I am off to the store to get food to cook for dinner. Good evening!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Lunch Workout

I worked out today, though under duress. I really didn't want to, but the coworker I'm doing low carb with drug me down and I must say that I felt so much better after working out. Why can't that motivate me to do it on my own. I used to work out five mornings a week and if I didn't work out I felt miserable - it was like an addiction!!!! An addiction that I lost, though...sigh. Oh well, maybe if I can just set out to do that a couple times a week I'll at least be off my ass for a while! Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy. That should be my mantra!

Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy.
Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy.
Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy.
Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy.
Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy.
Energy - I need energy. Working out gives you energy.

Monday, February 09, 2004


One of my coworkers has started doing Atkins again and has asked me to join her. I think I'll give it another shot. I know it made me sick a lot during the beginning, but maybe it won't be bad this time. Also, before I wasn't simply limiting my carbs to under 20 - I was cutting them out 100%! It did work, though. I did lose about 11 pounds. And it's so easy to do low carb these days - every where you go has a low carb menu. I had been doing Slim Fast, and they even have low carb selections now! I really like Slim Fast, too!

So, I am starting today. Wish me luck!


We were still in downtown last night after midnight. The game was great, but when they start at 8:30 - 9:00 it makes for a long night. Plus I had a sick migraine that didn't ease up until abou the 4th quarter. I have great medicine, but even it takes a while to kick in. So, needless to say the first half I was sipping 7up and chewing ice cubes, but I really got into it after the nausea went away! (Oddly enough, the last time I went to see the Rockets play I had a migraine...maybe it's from being up in the nose bleed section!!!!) It was a very good game, though and I was quite impressed with the Toyota Center - and you could definitely tell that it was sponsored my Toyota! I have never seen so much advertising in one place in my whole life!!!

Commitment Issues

I don't have a fear of committment, I just can't seem to make one.

I have been on one "diet" or another since I was around 12 years joke! I'm not going to tell my whole story again, but if you read it and you have read this blog you'll know that I don't stick to things very long - not diet wise anyway. I worked out religiously for years and now I can't force myself to get back into it and I don't know why. I always feel better after working out and have more energy. I used to love why is it so hard to get back into that routine??? I haevn't a clue. If I knew I would already be back in it! I even got the Winsor Pilates DVDs and worked out with them for a while - but I haven't even looked at in a over three weeks.

I did well on Atkins - for a short time. I'm back to eating carbs. I did well on Weight Watchers - now I don't count any points. I did really well just counting calories in general - haven't done that in over a week now. Sheesh, I don't know what my deal is. I sure wish I did. I wish I had something to motivate me and keep me motivated, cuz I dam sure ain't doing it myself! I don't want to have that "give up on it" attitude. I really don't believe that I am that type of person. I don't think I am lazy. I don't think a lazy person could have got up every morning at 5:30 to make it to the gym before work...could they? Maybe I have become lazy over the last year. I called Michael today and told him that at least three days of the week he and I are going to do something in the afternoon. Whether it's play basketball, go to the gym, walk, tennis (if I can drag him out)...we're just going to do some sort of exercise!!!! He said okay - whether we actually get out there we'll see!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

It's a Grey Monday

It's yucky looking outside. I wanted to go out for lunch today, but have decided to stay in. It's just blah out there. Tonight is going to be better, though. We're going to watch the Rockets play tonight. We gave both of Michael's brothers tickets as part of their Christmas present last year and tonight's the night! I am anxious to go b/c I haven't been inside the Toyota Center yet. I think we're going to try to get down there early and run over to Minute Maid and see about getting some Astros tickets, too. I love to go to the games so much more than watching them on television, though I don't mind watching them it's just so much more fun, obviously, to be there for the game!

We had a good weekend - on the road a lot. Friday night I got to see part of the Friday Night Gaggle (it's been a long time). Michael and I played pool with everyone until around 8:00 - I think we might start doing that more often. Afterwards we had a nice dinner together. We were going to make a date night out of it and do something else in addition to dinner, but by the time we made it out of the restaurant it was 10:30 and we had an early morning. We drove out Saturday morning with a group of about seven to a friend's land out in Giddings. We fished and shot skeets and cooked out on the grille. It was a lot of fun, but it did make for a long day. We were scheduled to leave at 5:30, which was the time that Michael and I arrived, but other people didn't make it there until an hour or so later, so we didn't get on the road until almost 7:00!! Sunday Michael's brother and his girlfriend hung out with us at my place and I cooked a venison roast and we played games and watched the awards - and I must add that I wasn't impressed with the performances. Granted, they all sounded lovely, but c'mon - they were all putting me to sleep. Every single sond (nearly) was a slow song. Michael's brother and his gf fell asleep!! I nearly did, too! Anyway, we turned it off around 9:45 or so...I had had enough of it.

Burn Update: My leg is healing well. It's getting to that itchy stage, though (which is a good sign). I am about to start heavy on the Vitamin E now b/c I am afraid it will be a bad scar otherwise. I scar pretty badly and I don't need another scar now. I have three on my right leg alone. They have all faded a lot over time b/c I put Vitamin E on them, but this one is worse than the others - I'm afraid it might be harder to get rid of.

Friday, February 06, 2004



I think I forgot to mention that Chinook got a new home on the web!!! Go see my precious baby! He's too adorable...

Sushi Lunch

Ah...I am so full now! EJ picked me up for lunch today and we had sushi at Benihana! It was delicious and we each tried a new roll today call the Denny's Roll. It's one of their specialty rolls so I couldn't find a link to it...but I believe it had avocado and crab meat and had a spicy mayo sauce on the outside and then it was baked - EJ, you'll have to fill in the missing ingredients here. I can't remember what all it was, I just know that it was delicious! It was a big roll, too! If you ever get one, beware! You may not be able to eat anything else! Needless to say, there were leftovers to be taken home!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I'm a Lefty Baby!!!

Your Brain Usage Profile

Left : 61% Visual : 64%
Right : 38% Auditory : 35%

fount at the Diva's

This is the outcome that I would have predicted and I pretty much agree with most of what it says below.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

What the Hell?

Green Dad
You're the Green Dad! Not the most exciting guy on
earth, but friendly and reliable.

Which Little People figure are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

they didn't list my favorite color or ask about gender - so, this was my sad outcome!! And just for the record - I think I'm exciting!!!!

found at Nina's...

Burn Update

Well, my leg didn't fall off or anything, but it isn't pretty!! The burns are pretty bad...mother and daddy came over yesterday and brought me some Silvadene. When my father got burned several years ago that's what they put on him in the hospital...he doesn't even have any scars.

I had it all covered up today and had trouser socks on, but my coworker (my mother at work) told me to take all that off and let it breathe or it wasn't going to heal. So, now I am running around with one sock on and one sock off...and it's so obvious b/c my pants are dark grey and my socks are black and then there is the white ankle shining out from my left pant leg!!! Quite the fashion statement! Next week this look will be all the rage and I'll be known as being ahead of my time!!!!

Monday, February 02, 2004

TMI Post???

I used to wax my legs a long time ago instead of shaving. It was awesome b/c it got to the point where the hair almost didn't grow at all! Sweet - well, I decided to do it again! Usually I get a professional to do this at a salon, but I figured since I've seen it done enough I should be able to do it without a problem (First mistake).

So, I get my easy roll-on bottle of Nair and pop it into the microwave for the time indicated on the back of the bottle. Well, I guess my microwave settings are different from those they used in the Nair labs b/c 20 seconds didn't do anything. It was still hard. So, I popped it back in there for a few more seconds (Second mistake).

Now when I take it out of the microwave it's defnitely in the liquid form that I'm used to seeing at the salon! I prop one leg up on the counter in my bathroom and turn the bottle upside down to start rolling on the wax and it POURS out! I have hot wax running all over my ankle and around my leg and dripping on my hands and floor! I start screaming and Michael just looks up from the computer like "What the hell????" "I'm burning myself in here!!!!" So, what do I do next? Well, I have to get this hot wax off my leg before it burns all the way through - so I put the cloth strip on my leg and rip off the hot was (Third and worst mistake of all). Not only did the cloth remove all the wax from my leg and the hair that was there, it also took all my skin with it. The burn made huge blisters immediately on my leg and when I removed the wax the skin just lifted right off. Hey, what was I supposed to do let it dry and flake off after a couple of weeks?!?!?

I had some second skin type patches that I put on it after I slathered it with antibiotic ointment. Needless to say I was in agony last night while Michael just laughed. "Why the hell did you do that???" "Um, b/c I wanted to see what it looked like under my skin!!" I didn't do it on purpose!!!!

So, today I have gauze wrapped around my ankle b/c I don't want my pants rubbing up against it and am using Solarcaine Spray on it to ease the pain again.

Note to self: Just shave next time.

Made it through Monday!

It's close for me today. I have a 4:00 deadline, but no worries - I got all the work done yesterday. All I have to do today is upload it to our accounting system and I'll be done - which I'll be doing immediately following this post!

I have had a headache all week long. Just a dull throb that won't go away - I thought maybe it was b/c of the rainy weather, but it's clear out there today. Weather is a big trigger for my migraines. Overcast days are the worst. Rain and thunderstorms don't cause them so much (thank goodness b/c I love to watch storms), but grey skies and muggy days almost always assure me of a bad migraine and usually accompanied with nausea.

We had a good weekend. We didn't go out Friday, but Saturday night we finally hit the DT scene! We went to the Tim McGraw concert at Minute Maid Park. Jack Ingram and Cory Morrow were there, too. And there was a surprise visit by Roger Clemens!!! The concert was great, but it was cold and then they decided to open the roof. I think they did this for all the out of town visitors - so they could see it open. Which was fine, but we were freezing!! We stayed downtown for a short time after the concert, but not too long. Sunday was going to be an early day b/c it was my father's b'day, Michael's brother's b'day, and SuperBowl!! So, first we met my parents at church and went back to their house for lunch. My sister's and their families and my aunt came by to celebrate. Then we went to Michael's parents' house to celebrate his brother's birthday and watch the SuperBowl. Nah, we didn't have a big SuperBowl party, it was just a family gathering! Michael's parents, his uncle, his two brothers, and their girlfriends were all there! We had a great time, but after a big lunch for my dad's birthday and a big dinner for Christopher's birthday I was ready for bed way early!!!! Maybe that's why I was so sleepy yesterday! I went to bed pretty early and got enough sleep, but it was so hard to keep my eyes open yesterday even with all the work that I had to do! I even took the last 30 minutes of my lunch and took a power nap!!

Busy little bee...

It's me...I'm here! But it's close and I'm really busy! I had a great weekend and will have to update later when I have more time. I hope you all enjoyed the superbowl weekend (less the tacky half-time show) and got to experience the DT festivities as well!!!!