Thursday, January 08, 2004

Yucky Weather; Yucky Mood

Ugh, I hate having to be at work when it's like this outside. This morning I wanted nothing more than to turn off my alarm clock and go right back to sleep. I didn't have a good night's sleep to begin with b/c I spent the first part of it coughing...then have crazy dreams that make me toss and turn all night...then this morning I wake up to the rain. Now we all know the best thing to do when you wake up to rain is to go back to sleep!!! I love bad weather when I can stay in and watch it! So, I have been in a funk all day! I went to the mall during lunch b/c tomorrow is Michael's b'day, otherwise I think I would have napped at my desk. Then had a not-so-good veggie plate from downstairs. My only consolation about today is that it can only get better!!! I made myself a nice cup of hot tea and am awaiting 5:00 (which doesn't seem to want to get here!)...

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