Thursday, January 22, 2004
VitaStat Jan. 23 @ 9:13 BP 131/80 Pulse 94 Weight 190.7

I am having plain oatmeal for breakfast today - nothing in it, not that it matters b/c I can't taste anything anyway. Last night Michael made me homemade chicken noodle soup b/c that's what you eat when you're sick! It was very good, but I didn't know that he put pepper in it so I put pepper in my bowl - so, to be putting it lightly, my bowl had a lot of pepper!!! He brought home chocolate chip cookies last night and I took one bite of one (he was dunking them in milk) and gave the rest of it to him. I mean, you can't deny yourself every pleasure b/c then it will consume you, right!!! So, that was the first "sweet" I have had in over a week. I think I need to work out a day when I can have a dessert so that they won't be totally cut out. Maybe Saturdays - we usually eat out on Saturday so I could split a dessert with Michael (he ends up eating the majority of it when we share anyway!) that way I could have my sugar fix and still stick to a good diet!