Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I have been watching America's Next Top Model on Wednesdays. You know, it's funny, before the first Average Joe I never watched reality shows - now I find myself watching several! Besides those two I also like The Apprentice and Average Joe: Hawaii (which is pissing me off), and I want to watch Average Joe 3 when it comes out - I think it's going to be more like The Bachelor (one of the ones I have never watched) b/c in this one Adam is coming back from AJ to find a girl for him. I liked him in AJ, I want to see what the future holds for him.

Anyway, the original content of this post was about Top Model. In yesterday's episode they got makeovers. And not your typical makeover - they got real makeovers! I mean, some of the girls didn't even look like the same person! Sometimes I wish I could do that - have a professional come in and give me pointers on what clothes look the best, how I should wear my hair, and makeup tips! Although, I have to say here, that honestly I am happy with all three of these things on me. I love my hair, I think I do a good job on my makeup, and I think I have a pretty good eye for what looks good and what should never be worn out in public!!! That being said, I think these girls thought the same way about their own styles, but after the pros got finished with them, they even looked ten times better!!! Vanity? Maybe, but who doesn't feel better when they really (I mean really) look good!?!? Honestly!?!?

A while back I saw an advertisement for Alexis Vogel on television. Hell no, though, not for $160!!!! Maybe, maybe for half that! Nah, even that's too much money for a makeup set!! All I really want is the DVDs anyway...I know what makeup brands work well and which ones are crap!

Anyway, so enough of my vanity post!!! After reading this yesterday I needed a vanity moment!!! :-D

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