Someone explain it to me...

Thursday, January 08, 2004
because I don't understand how gambling is worse than drug abuse. Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life b/c he gambled on the game; however we have hundreds of players that repeatedly abuse drugs and yet they continue to get 2nd chances. Now, I am not saying what he did was right or excusable, but c'mon! Why don't they ban some of those repeat drug offenders (uh, maybe b/c there wouldn't any athletes left in professional sports!!).
I am a big sports fan and I don't want to see any of the organizations ruined, but isn't that was repeated drug use does!?!?!?!? Pete Rose gambled while he was manager, not while he was a player - and he is a Hall of Fame candidate for his playing. No, I am not "rallying in support" to let him in the hall of fame, I am just trying to be realistic and fair. I don't think he should have been banned while players (too many to list) continue to get chance after chance when they are caught using illegal drugs. Drugs kill people and when children see their sports heroes using drugs that sends such a terrible message. Sure when they see Pete Rose gambling it's a bad influence, but, and this is sad to say, it's much easier for a 12 year old to score some dope as opposed to getting in with a bookie and make bets on the game!!!
Bottom line, players caught using drugs should be treated as harshly as Rose was!