My Lab Work is Back

Thursday, January 15, 2004
Well, I have good news, bad news, and sad news to report from my doctor's visit.

First, the good news: All of my tests (except one) came back normal.
Next, the bad news: My cholesterol has gone from 144 to 225 in the past year. WHOA!!!! The doctor said I need to lose weight (cut out fats) over the next four weeks and then check it again. Hello!!! I came to the doctor b/c I gained 15 pounds in two months. I eat good, shouldn't I at least be maintaining???? I guess that much of a weight gain is possible in that short amount of time!
Last, the sad news: Since I don't have any issues with my thyroid or anything else that would affect my weight, it is true that gaining 15 pounds in two months is all my fault. Apparently anything that I thought I was doing right, I wasn't.

BUT, now it isn't a matter of wanting to lose weight so much anymore as it is me needing to lose weight. Now it's a matter of quick weight gain that could lead to all kinds of health problems: diabetes being numero uno on that list among other things. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, etc., etc. Okay, I get it, eyes are wide will I be serious and do something about it. I hope so. I have been having slim fast during the day for a week or so now. When I weighed earlier I was down a pound. That's a start. I have my little progress chart on MyYahoo Page. I am going to keep it updated. I have a hand written food diary and we have a machine downstairs that measure blood pressure, pulse, and weight and prints out records - it's called VitaStat. I'm going to keep that updated.

So, here are my first two VitaStat records!

VitaStat: 1/15 @ 2:03 BP 131/81 Pulse 93 Weight 195.3
VitaStat: 1/15 @ 5:09 BP 140/81 Pulse 82 Weight 195.1

(I take it several times over the course of the day b/c my BP was so high on Tuesday at 131/100 when I went to see the doctor. He wants data to compare.)

I haven't taken my measurements. I need to get a measuring tape (mental note - stop and Walgreen's and buy measuring tape) and then I'll post them. I'll have to create a info box to post on my blog!

So, here we go again!!!