London, Texas

Monday, January 12, 2004
On the way up this morning someone said it looked like London outside this morning...after I got into my office someone else said the same thing! Well, I don't know about all that, but I know I am engulfed in fog this morning!! I can't see anything outside today! Driving in this morning it was so thick I thought about just waiting it out and coming in later - of course, I didn't!!

We watched Average Joe last night. The first one was good, even though normally I don't like reality shows, so we decided to watch the 2nd one, too. This time, though, I think the Average Joes aren't going to stand as much of a chance, b/c they are bringing in about 8 way-above-average-joes to compete for the girl and if you saw the first episode then you'll agree when I say I think she is going to jump at these new guys. She was PISSED when she first saw the Average Joes get off the bus! I mean, there was so much editing going on when she went out the room it was just one long bleeeep!!! Now, that she is getting to know them she says she sees more than just their outward appearance, but I wonder if she'll still be saying that when the new guys get there. Anyway, last night was pretty good...of course there was one guy that said she was shallow for letting him go - that happened last season, too.

OKay, this isn't an Average Joe blog, I just wanted to comment about the show! We also did our grocery shopping for the week and got the oil changed in my truck...which took forever. We were getting groceries at Wal-Mart so I just decided to get my oil changed there and it was awful! There was only one guy working Tires and Lube and he had a line going out passed sporting goods! Half the time things weren't working for him so that just made the wait that much longer. When it was all said and done, though, my oil change was only $12.00 as opposed to the $30 that I normally pay, so I wasn't yelling too loud!