I was bad...

Monday, January 26, 2004
well, not that bad, but I didn't eat good this weekend. I had junk this weekend. Sunday I knew wasn't going to be good b/c I went all day without eating and when you let yourself get that hungry you end up eating whatever - which is what I did. I had Sonic burger and onion rings. Yesterday I was good all day, until after dinner last night and Michael mentioned eating ice cream - and it sounded so good...so, I had ice cream last night even though I knew I shouldn't.

So, I fell off the wagon for a couple days, but I am not giving up. I am back to low cal eating and I am aware that I have weak moments so I am going to be prepared. I am not going to go that long without eating so that I can make healthy eating choices!! And I am going to continue to lose the way I did over the past couple of weeks...hopefully!!!!! I am not going to quit over this one setback!