Health Update

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
After much cajoling by my mother, I went to the doctor on Tuesday. My legs, ankles, feet, and hands had been swelling - a lot. I mean to the point that if I took of a pair of socks in the morning, that evening I would still have sock lines around my ankles. This wasn't normal. Also, I have gained about fifteen pounds in the last two months alone. Now, I know I haven't been working out every day, but I haven't stopped completely and I have been watching what I eat. No, I won't really lose weight that way, but I shouldn't gain fifteen pounds in that short of a time period either. Also, I had been having spells where I would turn totally pale and get light-headed (a while back I thought this was b/c of an inner ear issue - vertigo - but it still happens) and shaky. So on Tuesday I called her b/c my ankles were not only swollen, they were rather red, too...she said that was enough, to call a doctor. I was able to get into my new GP (he doesn't take appointments) that afternoon and Wednesday morning I went in early after fasting to do some blood work and a urinalysis (yeah, I had to give up a specimen). They are supposed to call me today with some information. My sister has Grave's Disease, which is hyperthyroidism. My symptoms are opposite of her, though, but b/c it's in my family and b/c of my symptoms the first thing he is checking is my thyroid. Also, he recommended that I see a kidney specialist b/c of the swelling and the fact that even though I drink plenty of water, I don't make that many trips to the ladies' room during the day like I should. AND on top of all that, my blood pressure was 130/100 on Tuesday. It has never been that high in my life...actually, it's never been high before at all. So, he now wants me checking it during the day to get some data for him to look at. I mean, you don't want to treat someone for high blood pressure with just one number.

So, that's where I stand on the health watch. No, I haven't been keeping up with my pilates like I should, but I have been doing well with the diet. I have been eating healthy, but still allowing myself something yummy maybe once a week. This week it was Sunday b/c that was our one year anniversary and we shared a piece of wedding cake from Zio's dessert menu! Hey, at least I didn't have a piece all to myself!!