A Good Weekend

Sunday, January 18, 2004
I wasn't bad this weekend, but I did cheat just a little bit! Friday night we were going to a BBQ cook-off and I knew that I would be tempted, so I had a chicken wrap and some yogurt for dinner before leaving...I was too full to do anything more than taste a tiny bit of the BBQ. Saturday I had a scrapbook party at my place so I had to have snacks available, and while I did have a cheese tray, I had a huge tray of fruit, fat free pretzels, and tortilla wraps that weren't nearly as bad - and I stuck mainly to the fruit tray (plus I had my slim fast for breakfast so I wasn't that hungry). Although, by the time the BBQ rolled around that evening I was starting to get quite hungry, but still managed to choose small portions and ate slowly so I was completely satisfied!! On Sunday we grilled for the games and by my suggestion the guys bought all chicken breasts to cook. They had sausage, too which I passed on. I did have one spoonful of potatoes and pasta to accompany my chicken breast - which I halved with another girl there! I was very pleased with myself this weekend!! And there was enough fruit left over that I snacked on that whenever I got hungry and bought a bowlful with me to work today!!!

I didn't update my VitaStat info on Friday, so I'll list all from Friday and today.

VitaStat 1/16 @ 9:31 BP 127/76 Pulse 91 Weight 194.2
VitaStat 1/16 @ 2:01 BP 136/85 Pulse 95 Weight 194.3

VitaStat 1/19 @ 9:21 BP 125/75 Pulse 87 Weight 194.1

I think it's safe to say that I don't necessarily have a high blood pressure concern. I don't know why it was so high when I saw the doctor last week, but I am going to continue to use the VitaStat machine to track my progress b/c it is very easy to use and is a good tracking tool for me. Even though I don't have an issue with high BP, my cholesterol was high enough for the doctor to tell me to lose weight! Good incentive!! I haven't had my breakfast yet, today so I am about to grab a slim fast bar. Today during lunch I think I am going to see if I can't find the Slim Fast meals at the grocery store!