Tuesday, January 20, 2004
My coworker in the field office called me and said, "You sound froggy." I have a sore throat and a cough. I have been feeling the sore throat coming on for several days, but today is really bad. I thought about staying home today, but I had things to get done...if I feel any worse (or as bad) I think I might stay home tomorrow. I never get sick - not really anyway. I mean, I get a sore throat during this time of year and when I cough I always sound like I am dying, but I never get the flu or fever or any of that stuff. As a matter of fact, in school I only remember staying home once, so I never really take any symptoms that I get too seriously b/c I know it isn't really anything - but I still feel bad.

Anyway, I am going out for lunch today with a coworker and I think I am going to get some tomato basil soup - Mmm, my favorite!!! Soup is great when you aren't feeling too great. My mother used to make me consomme when I wasn't feeling well (I only like it in hot liquid form, though - couldn't stomach it when it got like cold jello - bleh).