Drink Up

Monday, January 05, 2004
I am fighting a cold. Not a major one, just a little one. Michael came home from the deer lease with one and of course passed it on to me. This morning I woke up feeling like I had been drinking razor blades. My throat hurt so badly. After a while it eased, though. Then on the way to work this morning my mother called to check on me. She and daddy came to have lunch with me and I told her that I hadn't been feeling well. She told me to be sure and drink plenty of water. Mother was a nurse and always told me to drink lots of OJ, take Vitamin C, and eat soup when I had a cold. She had never told me to drink water before. So, today I did a search on drinking water to help fight colds - there were several articles that said to drink plenty of water, including this one. Of course it makes sense. You need to drink lots of fluids when you are sick, but in the past it has always been juice or soup. I just thought it was funny this morning that she told me that for the first time in 26 years!!!!