Thursday, January 22, 2004
Okay, if it works, then it will be worth it. Can't it work without making me gag, though!!!

This morning I stopped at Walgreens and picked up a bottle of DayQuil (b/c I am not going to be too sick to go out tonight). A friend had taken the NyQuil Cherry flavor and said that it tasted really good. Well, they didn't have cherry in the DayQuil, only the orange colored one - that should have been my first clue. So, I get to the office, pour out the recommended dose and down it - EEEEKKKK! It was the most awful thing I have ever tasted!!!! I am eating plain oatmeal to try to cut the taste now. Bleh! Do they think it won't work unless it makes you want to vomit or something!?!?!?

But, like I said, if it works, it's worth it - b/c I woke up this morning and couldn't hear - at all!! My head is so congested that my ears feel like they have huge cotton balls stuffed in them and I am a bit dizzy - probably have a slight case of vertigo since I have so much fluid in my head! My pharmacist assured me, though, this morning that this stuff would help!!! So, girls I'll still make it out tonight!!!!