Sunday, January 04, 2004
The holidays are over. Hard to believe they have already come and gone and it's 2004 now! Maybe now the plants in my office will start looking better! I haven't been here enough to keep them 100%!!

2003 was a really good year, though. There were ups and downs of course, but on the whole there were a lot more good times! I am looking forward to going into the new year.

New Year's Eve was spent running around Houston w/ friends. New Year's Day we had lunch at my parents' house. Then Friday morning mother and I headed up to East Texas for the weekend and Michael went to the deer lease for the last weekend of deer season.

Today things are rather quiet in the office, much to my surprise. Close was last week so I am not having to rush around to get things done by deadline. Rather I am taking today to clean up a bit. I have some reports to run that I should have run last week, but other than that it's business as usual! My boss is out today, too so I'll be able to work on everything that is currently open without starting some new just yet!

And my parents might be coming to lunch with me today, too. So I need to get back to work before they come out!!!