Pilates Day 2

Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Well, I did my second session with Pilates yesterday evening. This time I did the 20 minute workout and then the advanced sculpting. I think I'll try to always do the advanced sculpting DVD unless I am short on time, then I'll do the 20 minute. I really enjoyed the advanced DVD even though there were several things I couldn't do too well. I am sure as I continue I'll progress and be able to do all the moves in time.

Afterwards I didn't have the same head rush as I did the first day, but I could definitely feel something!! It was like and adrenaline high or something. When I finished I got a big glass of water and sat down and noticed that I was sitting very straight up in my chair - even now as I write this I am doing that. It's like my back feels stronger or something. My nephew's girlfriend said that she felt longer and more limber ever time she did pilates and I have found that to be very true!! Afterwards I was walking around with a great feeling - like I was in ballet again or something. Very straight lines, straight back and neck...I did feel taller!!!! And it wasn't an exercised that wiped me out or anthing either!

I enjoyed this workout and really hope that this is something that I can stick with!