Our First Christmas Together

Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Michael's Tree... My Tree...Well, Michael and I both have our Christmas trees up. His (left) is short and fat...and mine (right) tall and skinny!! I bought this tree back when I lived in the Galleria. I wanted a big tree, but it wouldn't fit too well in my apartment so I decided to get a skinny one...at least it was still all!!! I might move my tree, though. I really wanted it in front of my window to begin with...so I might get Michael to help me move it over there! We had a good time putting them both up. We're still going to decorate my patio, but so far the lights have only made it to the back door...they haven't actually made it outside yet! There are other pictures of the decorations at both places if you would like to see them! I took a lot of macros of the ornaments!