Sunday, December 07, 2003
This blog has been neglected excuse really, I just haven't been good. Not good until last week rolled around that is.

Last week I found a control that I didn't know was there! I ate so well last week...more portions-wise, actually! You always hear it is the portions that usually get us and that's true. My sister has lost about 30 pounds by just cutting her portions in half and last week I got a taste of that!! I ate slowly and deliberately and paid attention to my body and when it was full or satisfied I stopped...then I would look down at my plate and realize there was so much food left over...THEN I realized that before all that food would have been eaten had I not been paying attention!! I actually lost a pound last week and looking in the mirror I can see a difference in my tummy!!! I was so excited this morning when I was getting dressed and saw that in the mirror...or actually I was more excited about what I didn't see!!!

I have also been drinking tea at night, too and that helps any late night cravings. I am just not hungry. I take my time, enjoy my tea, and am completely satiated for the night!! And if I do get the munchies (especially while cooking dinner) I have a bowl each of celery and carrots in the fridge already cut and washed and ready to eat - I grab a couple and keep on cooking!! It's like a new power I have...I have control!!!

Yesterday I went out to dinner w/ friends and even had some sweets, but except for a few pretzels and half a chicken sandwich that's all I had yesterday, so I don't feel bad about it at all!!! It doesn't take much for your stomach to shrink and if you're careful and just stop eating when your stomach tells you to you can really see a difference in how much you put in it!!