The Cows Say Mooo...

Thursday, December 11, 2003
I took this picture when I was in East Texas. These cows belong to my grannie's nephew who lives next door to her - actually he owns the land all around her! This little guy had such a beautiful face that I coudn't resist. I waited a long time for other cows to move and for him to turn his face just right so that I could take his picture. I think cows are actually very pretty least they have pretty faces! I have a lot of pictures of them from a long time ago in this album. Some actually let me get close enough to pet them. I mean, they aren't wild, but they usually don't like to be touched that much. And the mothers are quite protective of their calves.

I am going back up tomorrow, though I don't think I'll get anymore pictures and this little guy has probably grown a bit since I took this picture!!

I have really been sad lately that I haven't been taking as many pictures as I used to. I haven't used my SLR in a long time, though this picture was taken with my SLR. I had a roll of film developed yesterday - something I haven't done in a long time. Even though I forgot to tell them matte (I'll order matte from Fotki) I was really pleased with how most of my pictures turned out. Of course, it wasn't free like with my digital, but still there is a quality about them b/c you know you can't just delete them and take another. I am a lot more careful and selective about what pictures I take with my SLR b/c I know that I can't just erase and take another one. I think that makes for a lot better pictures, too - b/c I do concentrate more. It takes me back to photography classes in college and I remember what it is to compose a great picture! I think I might keep a roll of film on hand more often these days and see if I can't get back into taking those pictures that I really love!!