Another Road Trip

Monday, December 15, 2003
We went out of town this past weekend and now we're doing it again this weekend. Last Saturday we went up to East Texas for my family Christmas gathering and this weekend we're going back to help my parents out and to hunt! My parents put a trailer on their land up there to use as a weekend/camp house and slowly but surely it is becoming liveable! First we had to wait on electricity, water, and sewage. We have all that, but now we have to have a skirt put around it and build decks on both the front and back. There is only one door we can use b/c there are temporary steps put up right now. There is furniture in it and kitchen goods and my parents even stayed in it last weekend.

Anyway, we're going up late Thursday night and Michael's brother and a friend are going to join us. Friday morning first thing my brother is going to take us hunting and then afterwards we'll come back to start working on the trailer. I don't really know how much we'll be doing. My nephews are going to build the decks and put on the skirting. I guess we'll just help them as they ask and move in more furniture!

I'm so glad we finally have a weekend place of our own up there. In the past we would always have to bunk w/ someone. I think my Grannie wishes we would still do that b/c she liked having us spend the night, but it's still nice to have a place of your own! They have had this land (about an acre and a half) for almost three years I think - yeah, it's about time they either bought a trailer or built a house on it!!! If they ever retire back up there I think they will build a house on this piece of land, but in the meantime this will do just perfectly! It's only two bedrooms, but there are several places to sleep w/ beds, daybeds, and couch-beds (and eventually a futon I hope)!!! This weekend there is going to be six of us staying there!