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Puttin' on the Ritz

I took a beauty break during lunch today and got my nails that means I'm now finally eating my lunch while I blog work!!

I really do have a lot of work today as today is year end for me since I won't be here tomorrow or Friday. So...Ta Ta for now!!!

Pilates Day 2

Well, I did my second session with Pilates yesterday evening. This time I did the 20 minute workout and then the advanced sculpting. I think I'll try to always do the advanced sculpting DVD unless I am short on time, then I'll do the 20 minute. I really enjoyed the advanced DVD even though there were several things I couldn't do too well. I am sure as I continue I'll progress and be able to do all the moves in time.

Afterwards I didn't have the same head rush as I did the first day, but I could definitely feel something!! It was like and adrenaline high or something. When I finished I got a big glass of water and sat down and noticed that I was sitting very straight up in my chair - even now as I write this I am doing that. It's like my back feels stronger or something. My nephew's girlfriend said that she felt longer and more limber ever time she did pilates and I have found that to be very true!! Afterwards I was walking around with a great feeling - like…

I love Pilates...

OMG!! Last night I did pilates for the first time and it was awesome! My parents bought me the DVD set for Christmas and just doing the basic (instructional) DVD I could tell how great this is! It really had the blood flowing, so much that I had a head rush - and afterwards I felt all long and limber!!! It was really a great exercise. I thought I would get up and do it again this morning, but I think I am going to make this a 5:30 exercise - everyday first thing when I get in from work. I did the morning workout for almost two years and I think I got burn out on it, so I am going to set a different time for this b/c I really don't want to burn out like that again.

Back to work...thank God!!!

Oh my gosh! What an exhausting holiday! We didn't stop. Yesterday was spent vegging on a friend's couch watching football all day, which was a relief to just be sitting somewhere and not doing anything. Michael has three Christmas gatherings to attend while I usually only have one sometimes we were hopping back and forth between both our families' homes all weekend. Whew!

Then after it was all over with we had his brother's birthday to celebrate on Saturday (another reason the Sunday rest was needed). He turned 23 and we had a big bash for him!

Well, there is a lot of work to be done and I am only here three days this week so I had better get busy!

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone's Christmas Eve was happy and that you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow. Michael and I had our Christmas together last night since we were running around all day today and will be tomorrow - pictures and details to come! We're at his parents' now. We had Christmas at his grandparents' earlier today and then here tonight. Tomorrow we'll be at my parents' and then to his other grandparents' house. Like I said, lots of running around!!

I'm going to go now b/c we'll be leaving soon for midnight mass. (I think I might sneak in a twenty minute nap before going...hee hee)!!

Merry Christmas and may God bless you!!!

Running Around...

like nobody's business!! Whew! I finished Michael's Christmas in a mad dash to three different stores during lunch! AND I got my Grannie's gift and part of my mother's as well - and still made it back to the office on time to grab a sandwich downstairs! Today is a really busy day in the office for me b/c I am only here today. Tomorrow Michael and I have to finish our Christmas shopping and then Wednesday and Thursday is Christmas at his parents', my parents', and his grandparents' (both sets!) - so we're going to be pretty busy!

I have been working on a Christmas Page for us as well and wanted to share it today b/c I don't know when I'll have time to post about it in the next few days. I am going to post a lot of our Christmas pics here and really just whatever I feel like sharing!

Another Road Trip

We went out of town this past weekend and now we're doing it again this weekend. Last Saturday we went up to East Texas for my family Christmas gathering and this weekend we're going back to help my parents out and to hunt! My parents put a trailer on their land up there to use as a weekend/camp house and slowly but surely it is becoming liveable! First we had to wait on electricity, water, and sewage. We have all that, but now we have to have a skirt put around it and build decks on both the front and back. There is only one door we can use b/c there are temporary steps put up right now. There is furniture in it and kitchen goods and my parents even stayed in it last weekend.

Anyway, we're going up late Thursday night and Michael's brother and a friend are going to join us. Friday morning first thing my brother is going to take us hunting and then afterwards we'll come back to start working on the trailer. I don't really know how much we'll be doing. My ne…


Back to work tomorrow! I thought this picture was a fitting illustration!

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Elaine,
Happy Birthday to You!!!

...any many more!!!!

(I am a day ahead - her b'day is the 13th, but since I won't be around a computer tomorrow I thought I would put this up today!!)

The Cows Say Mooo...

I took this picture when I was in East Texas. These cows belong to my grannie's nephew who lives next door to her - actually he owns the land all around her! This little guy had such a beautiful face that I coudn't resist. I waited a long time for other cows to move and for him to turn his face just right so that I could take his picture. I think cows are actually very pretty least they have pretty faces! I have a lot of pictures of them from a long time ago in this album. Some actually let me get close enough to pet them. I mean, they aren't wild, but they usually don't like to be touched that much. And the mothers are quite protective of their calves.

I am going back up tomorrow, though I don't think I'll get anymore pictures and this little guy has probably grown a bit since I took this picture!!

I have really been sad lately that I haven't been taking as many pictures as I used to. I haven't used my SLR in a long time, though this pictu…

Another Week Passed

We've put another week of 2003 behind us. I can't believe it's year end already! This year has just flown by!

Last night we went to Michael's parents' house and I worked on my homemade gift for our family get-together tomorrow in East Texas. No, I didn't take a picture last night, but I will take one tonight. We aren't going up until early in the morning, though b/c tonight Kevin Fowler is in town again and we're going to see him. Yeah, I know, we have become little groupies! But he is awesome and his shows are always so much fun! I invited the gaggle (Friday night group) out tonight, even though I know it isn't most of their ideal way to spend a Friday night! I thought it would be good to introduce both groups - well, we don't actually have a group b/c it's always just me and Michael - the group part is his brothers. All three of them are very close!

So...Saturday it's going to be hard to get up so early, but it's only about a two h…

Christmas Quiz

You are the Christmas Lights.

What Christmas Ornament are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

(found at Pamela's)

Our First Christmas Together

Well, Michael and I both have our Christmas trees up. His (left) is short and fat...and mine (right) tall and skinny!! I bought this tree back when I lived in the Galleria. I wanted a big tree, but it wouldn't fit too well in my apartment so I decided to get a skinny least it was still all!!! I might move my tree, though. I really wanted it in front of my window to begin I might get Michael to help me move it over there! We had a good time putting them both up. We're still going to decorate my patio, but so far the lights have only made it to the back door...they haven't actually made it outside yet! There are other pictures of the decorations at both places if you would like to see them! I took a lot of macros of the ornaments!

Working in the Rain...

It's raining, It's pouring...

I saw the weather moving in, then I saw a few sprinkles hit my there is thunder and lightening to go with it. I can only see a couple miles from my window (I'm on the 28th floor), where before I could see all the way to downtown - about 30 miles. **sigh** I love to watch this weather. I love to watch it move.

I know I have written several times about growing up watching the storms with my mother. Wtih the exception of having to drive in them, I love bad weather.

It's very quiet around the office today. There are several people out - including my boss. He is at our field office today. I could easily just fall asleep in this quietness!!

Oh...we watched the final episode of Average Joe last night. I was very disappointed. I really wanted Adam to win. He seems like such a genuine guy. He is smart, definitely fun, has lots of friends - I just didn't find anything wrong with him. Jason, on the other hand, just didn't seem to ha…

Friends Weekend...

What a great weekend! I saw three of my friends this weekend that I don't get to see that often!!! One friend from HS came in Friday night and we met up with her and some other friends and went out Saturday night. We went out to their house and grilled and ate and had a good time haning out then went to a club and went dancing until nearly one in the morning...whew, I must be getting old (or out of practice) b/c I was so tired! But we had fun! Then my best friend had come to town and came over Sunday morning and we had lunch w/ Elaine and spent the afternoon together. Dennon, Elaine, and I had a great lunch at Baba Yagas (though my mimosa gave me a bit of a headache...) then went for coffee at Brasils and to sit and chat and people watch! Afterwards Elaine told us about some rather interesting sites she had seen while wandering around the day before...she had found these busts and we just had to get out and wonder around them and take some pictures. The artist is David Adickes...y…


This blog has been neglected excuse really, I just haven't been good. Not good until last week rolled around that is.

Last week I found a control that I didn't know was there! I ate so well last week...more portions-wise, actually! You always hear it is the portions that usually get us and that's true. My sister has lost about 30 pounds by just cutting her portions in half and last week I got a taste of that!! I ate slowly and deliberately and paid attention to my body and when it was full or satisfied I stopped...then I would look down at my plate and realize there was so much food left over...THEN I realized that before all that food would have been eaten had I not been paying attention!! I actually lost a pound last week and looking in the mirror I can see a difference in my tummy!!! I was so excited this morning when I was getting dressed and saw that in the mirror...or actually I was more excited about what I didn't see!!!

I have also been drinking tea…

Time to go...

Well, that's enough for this week!!! I am leaving!!! Y'all have a great weekend...I know I plan to!

Well, I said that, but I'm still playing w/ my template...I want to have a little holiday color around here...

My Spirit Flower

Look how pretty my flower grew to be!!!!

Subject: post: I finally figured it out...

First I tried to ignore the confidentiality notice so that it
wouldn't appear within my posts that I emailed...and it worked once, but
then for some reason it didn't work the next time!! This time I put my
post within "body" tags and **poof** confidentiality notice gone!!!
Yippee!! I can deal w/ using another tag it makes my post come out

Cookie Quiz

What Kind of Cookie Are You?
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Subject: post: A Quandary...

Well, I thought the testing was done for emailing posts to my blog, but
either they changed the confidentiality notice that is automatically
attached to all our outgoing emails or something happened...b/c before I
had it blocked and it worked perfectly, but this time for some reason I
found it still attached to my post!! Hmmm...

So, let's try again and see what happens! I just wish I could turn it
off, but nope...gotta have it!!

Confidentiality Notice:
This electronic transmission and any attached documents or other writings
are intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may
contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected
from disclosure. If you have received this communication in error, please
immediately notify sender by return e-mail and destroy the communication.
Any disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action concerning
the contents of this communication or any attachments by anyone other
than the named recip…