Weekend Update

Sunday, November 02, 2003
Halloween is over - now it's time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving!!

The weekend was good. Michael left on Friday to go to the deer lease since Saturday was the first day of deer season. He got an 8 point buck on Sunday morning! I went out to play pool on Friday w/ everyone and then went to my mother's to see her and spend the night. Saturday we got up early and went around gathering costume pieces. I went as a gypsy Saturday to EJ and Sherry's party!! That night I went back to stay with my mother, too. Since daddy and Michael were both gone I thought we could keep one another company this weekend!!! Sunday we went to church together and took my nephew and then I went to Elaine's and she and I drove out to Kathy's house! We had sushi w/ her and Tom and then came back to Kathy's to have a girls' evening!! We had such a great time. I got some html help from Kathy and then we just spent the rest of the evening hanging out! It was really a great evening!!!!

Now it's back to reality today...and work!!!

On the blog side, though, I am wanting to create a new title - I don't mean I want to change the name. I am still calling my blog Daily Venting & Exclamations...I just want to create a new image for it. I played around last night w/ a couple, but didn't like what I had, hence the blank title bar w/ just DVE!!

I can't work on it today, though! End of the Month - got too much work to do!