Thursday, November 13, 2003
Yesterday was not good. I woke up so dizzy that I could barely stand...and while walking to the bathroom I nearly hit the wall. It was like I was drunk or something...and pretty scary! About 7:20 I decided to take a Dramamine and call in that I was going to be late. How could I drive when I couldn't walk???

About 8:00 I started feeling a bit more stable and decided to head out, though, I called my mother and talked to her the whole drive in. Just in case...later that day she and my father met me for lunch and she brought me some AntiVert (vertigo prescription). I took one of those during lunch as I still felt like my head was swimming.

That's the last I have taken. Today I woke up alright. I rested all evening in front of the television yesterday. Sitting here now I feel a bit like I am rocking, but it's nothing like what I experienced yesterday. That was pretty scary. I was sick through most of the day - motion sickness. Ugh...I don't even get that on ships and now I am getting it while walking around!!!!

Anyway, while I'm not 100% right now I am so much better than I have been and hopefully it's on the way out the door now!! IF it happens to come back anytime soon then I'll make a trip to the doctor's office, otherwise I think it's alright.