Thursday Thoughts

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
It's foggy and dreary outside this morning. Yuck! I am dressed like it's summer time today. Black capris w/ white vines all over them, a white sleeveless ruffled shirt, and my black/bamboo sandals!! Hang ten dude!!!

I bought another fairy yesterday. My co-worker started me on this collection on my b'day this year. There are only 12 in the collection so it is a very attainable goal to get all of them.

Oh...and did I tell you I have a mean spider living in my bedroom??? Yes he is mean. He scared me to death Sunday night!! (I was going to post an image of one, but I couldn't stand to look at all of them!!!) I don't particularly like snakes, but I can stand them. Spiders, however, are a different story! Spiders will make me hurt myself. Strange to think there was a time when I actually picked up grand-daddy long leg spiders!!! Ewww...what was I thinking??? I can't even stand for someone (my mother used to do this) to pretend their fingers are spider legs walking on my arm or something. It just creeps me out!!!

One of my earliest memories is of a spider. I couldn't be more than four years old b/c we were living in the house that we lived in the first four years of my life. I was in the living room by myself (I don't know where everyone else was) playing on the floor and this black ball fell from the ceiling to land next to me on the floor. It startled me and I jumped up off the floor and into the recliner nearby. It seems I got a broom or something b/c I remember prodding this black ball trying to figure out what it was when suddenly it jumped and eight big scary legs sprawled out around a big black body!!!! (Remember, this is a four year old's viewpoint) It was the scariest thing I had ever encountered up until that point. Scariest thing that I remember anyway. I think about that spider every time I get scared by another one!! I don't remember what happened after that b/c that's where the memory ends. Maybe someone came in and killed it or put it outside. I don't know.

Arachnophobia is the real horror movie to me!!!