Shopping Madness

Thursday, November 27, 2003
Never before have I gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I really don't know what possessed me this year, but at 6:15 I found myself walking into JCPenney. read that right. I had to be up early anyway, so I didn't wake up that early just to shop. I wandered around for a while and all I found was a beautiful Santa for mother. She has been wanting a big Santa for a while, so this year I decided she should have one. And that's it...that's all I bought.

I walked the rest of the mall for about an hour and then decided I had had enough. There weren't as many people as I thought, but there were still plenty more than I wanted to deal with. The sales definitely weren't worth the fight!

Last night Michael and I put up the tree at his house. When he comes back from the deer lease we're going to put mine up, too. I'm excited about our first Christmas together. To be honest I haven't really looked forward to the holiday season in a while...not until this year!

I am spending the weekend w/ my parents. Today I am helping my sister hang wallpaper in her bedroom and tomorrow she and I are driving up to East Texas to our family Thanksgiving - and to see about my brother. Mother talked to him this morning and he is bending his knee, though I don't think solely on his own...and he decided to take a trip to the store this morning - IN HIS WHEELCHAIR!!! The store is just up the road (small town) and one of his daughters went w/ him, but now you know what I meant when I said he wouldn't be down as long as they said he would. I just hope he at least waits the 8 weeks he is supposed to before putting any weight on that leg. I think he will, but after that it's going to be hard to keep him put!!

Mother is still sick, but showing a bit of improvement. I brought all the leftovers I had at my house over and she has nibbled, but not enough. She is out of bed, but just to come lay on the couch and she came in here to see my pictures earlier, too. she is sitting up eating. Daddy just heated up some rice for her.

Well, I am off to help my sister wallpaper!! I hope those of you who braved the shopping this morning had a good time and found some helluva deals!!!