Rain, Rain, Go Away

Monday, November 17, 2003
Come again another day...

My grannie used to sing a little song when the rain would come down like it has been today. I left work a bit early this afternoon. A lot of people were already gone when I decided to get out of there and Michael has been stranded at work since 3:30. His car was four inches from having water come inside. It stopped for a while and now it's coming down again - my dish just lost its signal, too. Ugh...


It's been looking more like 10:00 at night since around 5:00 over here. Outside my porch where there is usually a nice yard is a pond - the ducks are swimming and even diving under!!! I'm not kidding here!

I love bad weather, but hate to drive in it and to be honest don't really like to be alone in it either. I love to watch it and watching it from work today was rather cool - it always is, but then I had to drive through it to come home. Luckily there was a little break in it about that time.

I spoke to Michael a little while ago. He said the water had been going down and that he might be able to leave in the next half hour or so, he hopes.