New Books

Monday, November 17, 2003
This weekend I stayed w/ my parents and my dad had bought me a couple of new books - this one and this one. I have started on the HTML one, but so much of the beginning is stuff that I already know. I am anxious to get into the "meat"!! Right now I do everything by code. I haven't used any editors, but to help me out I have loaded Front Page (although I have v.2000 - I need to update it). I use it when I can't figure out a code...create what I want, check out the code, and figure out what I did wrong. Kathy built the "template" behind my site for me - she started w/ what pMachine had and made it fit what I wanted and then I was able to change/add what I want from what I already knew. I just recently learned about tables and have playing w/ them. My Spirit Flower page was the first table that I created from scratch...and the table at the top of this page w/ my title in it. I was excited when I figured that out!!! So, while I am not a complete novice (I do know a bit) I am anxious to get into these two books and find out what else I can do!