A Little Surprise

Monday, November 24, 2003
(First I want to say that dinner was wonderful! I had candles lit all over the place and when Michael walked in he looked so nice...and he brought dessert - which I didn't ask him to do! We had a wonderful dinner and then sat on the couch and cuddled w/ our pie and watched Average Joe - and then, of course, the Rockets!!! It was a great dinner, a great night...I was so cozy all night!! I think it was better than the big family one we're missing together!!!)

And then this morning...well a little bit of background first - I lost my three-fingered billiard glove a while back. I think during Elaine's b'day. This morning when I was getting dressed I put on a zippy-hooded sweatshirt - that I wore to Elaine's b'day after pool one night - and when I stuck my hand in the pocket guess what I found! Of course, my billiard glove. I don't think I have worn this sweater since her b'day! LOL!!! I think that's hilarious!! I always find gloves in my jacket pockets from year to year, but this is the first time it's been this kind of glove!!

Well, I am off. My mother is sick and I am going to spend the day with her...make her eat. I don't think she ate anything yesterday - and she is a nurse. She should know better. She won't let me not eat when I am sick, no matter what! So, today that's exactly what I am going to do!