Home Again, Home Again

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
I have been with my mother all day. She is doing better, but I can see that it's hard for her to relax - the phone rings over there none stop!! And every caller saying, "Have you made her anything to eat Hanna..." Ummm...yeah, I did, but I can't force her to eat. I got so sick of everyone saying that to me. It's like, "Hanna, you aren't taking care of your mother...why don't you think about making her some food..." I did people!!! This frustrated me and I think that guilted her into eating something. Hey, at least she got food in her stomach. Like I said before, she is a nurse...so she isn't a good patient. I finally told her, "You know when I am sick you make sure that I have food in my stomach...so why don't you eat???" That worked!

When I left she was sitting up in the bed and looked really good. She wasn't coughing anymore and her voice sounded a lot better.

My sister-in-law called while we were there. They were on their way home w/ my brother. She said that when they got home a hospital bed, walker, wheel chair, and the bars on the bed to help my brother pull himself up were all supposed to be set up. I asked her if she had to rent all that and she said they had contacted the VA about it (my brother was in the Navy), but of course, they hadn't heard back anything. The nursing home up there has been one of my brother's clients for years (he owns an AC/Refrigeration company) and when they heard about this they donated all the equipment that my brother would need - no charge!!!! My SIL said there are all kinds of cool toys (equipment) for them to help him be more comfortable and help him recover. I thought this was so wonderful of them to do for him!! My brother really is a great guy and acts like this by other people towards him is just proof of that!

She was taught some of the therapy so that she can work with him at home when the nurse isnt' there. For about 8 weeks he won't be able to put any pressure on his leg...after that they said it will be about a year before he can work like before, but knowing my brother I am sure he won't wait that long.

I hope I get up there to see him this week while I am off. I don't know what now since mother has been so sick. Maybe if she is feeling better I'll drive her up there in a few days. We'll see. I think my father is coming home tonight from work...so she'll have him there with her tonight.

Michael is taking off work tomorrow so I am going to try to get him to help me get some of the Christmas shopping done. I really don't like shopping this time of year...well, to be honest, I am not much of a shopper no matter what time of year it is!!!